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Murtra Group, SINCE 1892
To pinpoint the origins of the company we have to go back
to 1892, when a young man called Ramón Murtra founded
a small textile business in Granollers with a few handoperated
looms. With the support of his family, he helped
the business take off at the beginning of the 20th century,
consolidating its activity as a manufacturer of industrial
tape and rapidly becoming the leader in the sector.
Right from the outset, Murtra has sought to develop
better ways of doing things, striving for perfection and
establishing it as the model to follow and the basis for
undertaking new challenges. This can be seen through
all products it has developed since 1892 until the present.
Innovation applied to processes and products is the
driving force that, throughout its history, has guided a
textile-based production which has, however, successfully
evolved towards the development of new products and
markets. Murtra continues to seek new lines, new business
opportunities and improvements in its processes.
Murtra is more than just a company with a long tradition
in the textile sector and in the manufacture of industrial
tapes. For more than a century, five generations of
entrepreneurs have successfully acted as the drivers of the
business and, at the same time, as guides when it comes to
identifying the major advances that have helped it position
itself as a benchmark in the global textile sector.