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SOTRABAN brings together and runs an ecosystem of 100 member companies employing 5,000 people.
These companies, suppliers in the various industrial sectors, actively contribute to providing innovative solutions for their ordering partners and equipment manufacturers.

Engaged in a continuous improvement process, certified ISO EN9100, they bring consequent value- added to a strong and forward-thinking Norman industry.
The aim of SOTRABAN is to promote the member companies’ know-how for regional, national as well as international industrial customers.

The member companies offer 5 areas of expertise: mechanics, metal processing, electronics and automation, plastics and surface treatment.

The companies in the SOTRABAN cluster are mostly equipped with integrated design offices. Individually and collectively, they are able to design complete parts or ensembles, provide standardisation and bespoke manufacturing, in order to meet their customers’ unique needs.
Experts in their fields, the subcontracting companies of Normandy provide industrialists with specialised staff in the latest technologies and advanced equipment, in line with the materials of the future.

Under the collective leadership of SOTRABAN, quality and environmental control as well as the ISO certification procedures are a priority for the subcontracting companies.

In order to fully meet their customers’ needs relative to changes in regulations and delivery times, the subcontracting companies of Normandy relentlessly work towards continuous improvement of their processes, with one single objective in mind: to create growth for businesses and for their region.