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Crucempresas.com is a solution for companies in the manufacturing sector; we connect companies that have a need for a service or product with specialised companies, always maintaining their privacy and without being an intermediary.
At Crucempresas we strive to help our users to:
-Save time
-Expand their client portfolio
-Gain Visibility
All in one place
Crucempresas can find what your company needs, we do it for you. We get you the exact contact you need and without any commission. We make your time profitable, make your work easier, by being your online sales force.
Check out our corporate video (1min) https://youtu.be/IP44H6DuGAA. And also, our public directory, so you can see the companies who are already working with us. https://www.crucempresas.com/directorio-de-empresas
How does it work? · After registering your company on the platform, you can start looking for your needs, attaching all the documents you consider necessary (description, deadlines, photos, schemes, ...) to provide brief for your intended project to the companies, the product or material you are looking for. · On the other hand, if you are looking for projects to do, Crucempresas will be your “online sales force”, you sign up for the proposals that interest you so that your contact can reach the company that publishes the offer, and you will appear as a provider. Once they have your contact, proposals and everything related to payments will be processed off the platform. Crucempresas does not intervene, we are not intermediaries, nor do we charge commissions, we are only the point of contact between companies.
We have 2 types of subscription:
-Basic: · Free. · Limited to be able to search for needs (4 searches) and limited to offer your contact to other companies that are looking for you (1 per month)
·Visibility in our public directory
-Professional: · It has a cost of € 25 per month or € 240 per year. · Unlimited searches and unlimited on offering proposals · Visibility in our directory. · You receive notifications when there are companies that are looking for companies like yours. · You receive notifications when there are companies that offer services you require
· We publish information about the services and products of the companies through our social networks and we also include them in our blog. · We include the company logo on the platform with direct link to your website. (in promotions and offers we do not put the logo)

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  • About us

    Discover how to save time, broaden your customer portfolio and gain visibility in the same site


  • Discover the 8 benefits of using Crucempresas

    The 8 benefits of using Crucempresas:

    1. You do not pay commission when you outsource: We are not intermediaries, meaning, we do not charge commission for the work done. We take on the job of putting in contact companies that have the need for a product or service, with specialized companies

    2. Save time on outsourcing: Looking for a company to outsource its services it can be time consuming, so we save you that unnecessary search. We put you directly in contact with the company you need. So ... if you are thinking about registering, don’t hesitate! Go ahead and register today.

    3. Reuse your stocks

    4. Find the provider that best suits your needs. To find the best provider, it is important that you make a proposal, as complete as possible, indicating places, deadlines, attached plans, documents, the more information the better to solve the need as soon as possible.

    5. Forget about the mobile. We do not want you to depend on the mobile, so we take care of finding the contact of the companies that perform the work you need. This way, you will save time, not having to explain to the different suppliers the work to be done. You will only have to explain it once when looking for a supplier or when you are looking for what you need.

    6. Expand your business network: Suppliers or customers, depending on whether you upload an offer or sign up for one, it is at your fingertips.

    7. Privacy: Crucempresas is designed for companies, offers professionalism and privacy, since the data of the companies that register and publish proposals are private.

    8. Customer service: Any problem you may have, do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer and help you promptly.


  • Crucempresas

    After the success at “Feria de Subcontratación ́19”(Outsourcing Fair), we are present in MetalMadrid.

    It is very satisfying for us to know that Crucempresas helps you save time, expands your client portfolio and gain visibility, it is what makes us most satisfied, is one of our highest priorities.

    This idea did not just appear out of the blue ... it started because my husband was facing these situations all the time: - Will I have the pieces I need on time? - What if they don't arrive?

    -Next month I have no work planned to cover the entire workforce. -How can I gain visibility without spending a lot of money? -Where can I find a provider when my usual one is not available? -I have been calling all day and nobody is on schedule, they are on vacation!

    - I have said the same thing over and over again, but I still can't find the company that can perform the service. -Where can I find ...? (Piece, material, product, service ...)

    All these doubts hunted him day in day out, and that’s why he came up with the idea of an online solution for industrial companies that could relieve all these thoughts. A platform where you publish the need with all its necessary conditions (deadlines, materials, measures, ...) and you get a response from companies that can provide the right service for your needs, complying with the conditions that you have previously described.

    This is www.crucempresas.com