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MESbook es una herramienta tecnológica, más equipo de especialistas industriales, para conducir tu fábrica a partir de datos directos y analizados en tiempo real: Productividad, Calidad, COSTES…
Ingenieros industriales de origen, freakies de fábricas, han desarrollado el producto que les hubiera gustado que les ofrecieran cuando estaban gestionando fábricas.
Pioneros de Industria 4.0. en España, desde 2012, hoy liderando las implantaciones de Industria 4.0 en España. Presentes en toda la geografía nacional e iniciando proyectos internacionales: Portugal, México, Marruecos, USA…
Equipo de más de 40 personas generando valor en más de 60 empresas de 12 sectores distintos, gracias a cuatro pilares en los que MESbook es único:


Product news

  • Personnel task control with our Industry 4.0 tool - MESbook

    Often the Digital Transformation discourse focuses on technology without taking into account that the greatest enemy in the process is resistance to change, and lack of people management.

    We present our transversal tool for personnel management. We are referring to expanding the typical functionalities of traditional Human Resources tools (presence signings, hours report, payroll calculation, incidents ...). Especially in the industrial world it is essential to add to the previous ones:

    1. Presence in machine: to allocate direct costs, safety, quality and traceability.

    2. Control of personnel performance: that allows to define unit or personal incentives and linked to business KPI's (productivity, costs, quality ...).

    3. Personnel planning: linked to the actual load of the production plant (quantitative and qualitative). In other words, how many people do I need and what skills / profiles. Joining this with the previous point, it is possible to place these people in the workplace where they will be more productive.

    4. Define skill matrices: together with training and versatility plans.

    5. A calendar management tool: with planning of shifts, calendars, etc… The management of calendars is one of the necessary pillars for all the points mentioned above, since it is one of the most repetitive processes and with less perception of day-to-day / week-week value of an industrial manager. A technological tool that automates it is therefore essential.

    6. Security and control: as part of performance management, to define controls / limit the different controls with the people trained to execute them through systems that allow us to validate that, indeed, it is they who are doing the work