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GIMATIC focuses its activity on the support, manufacture and sale of components for its application in assembly systems, automated assembly and robotic handling. Our range of products includes clamps, magnets and suction cups, linear, rotary and indexed actuators, manipulators, pick & place and Cartesian systems, manual and automatic tool changes, as well as various modular systems for the configuration of hands adapted to different types of industry. Our goal is to provide you with solutions for handling, according to your requirements and needs.
Enclosed I am sending you summary information regarding the ranges of products offered by GIMATIC.
GIMATIC is an innovative Italian company, with an accumulated experience of more than 35 in the manufacture and sale of components for the construction of assembly and automated assembly systems, as well as for many robotic processes. In the Iberian Peninsula we work with the objective of being your technical and professional reference, combining ambition, honesty and professionalism with a clear orientation to the client and to your best service.
GIMATIC Iberia is specialized in six Product Sectors:
I. HANDLING - The manufacture of an extensive and quality program, of elements widely used in handling, insertion or assembly applications, such as clamps, rotary and indexed actuators, linear modules, etc. It complements and gives value to this range with the important program of automatic changes, swivels and hose packages for robot of the RSP signature, approved and admitted by the vast majority of manufacturers. The high quality of the materials used by RSP, as well as the demanding evaluation processes used in the manufacture of all the components of its products, ensure maximum satisfaction, to be able to enjoy optimum performance throughout its long useful life.
II.PLASTICS - The manufacture of a complete range of versatile and economic components, specially designed to facilitate the construction of claws, hands and tools, widely used in the plastics industry, in tasks such as evacuation by means of robots or pick & place devices, of the parts formed by the injection machines, etc.
III. MECHATRONICS - The manufacture of an innovative and extensive range of Mechatronics components, including clamps, rotary actuators and linear motors, indexing tables, etc., in which the latest technology is applied, in order to be able to satisfactorily comply with the Higher expectations of our Clients. In this range the great experience of GIMATIC in the process of the design and elaboration of components fuses, with the desire to offer to the industry an easy product to use (Easy), that can be quickly integrated in the applications of manipulation like an alternative electric and of value, to the products usually used in pneumatic technology. We complement this sector with the wide range of AW products.
IV. SENSORS - The manufacturing of a remarkable range of sensors, among which reed magnetic and electronic type magneto-resistive, as well as a family of impact sensors with MENS technology, digital or analog output. It also produces box signal concentrators, multi-test devices for sensors, etc.
V. MAGNETICS - Commercialization of IXTUR, an innovative manufacturer of magnetic handling systems. These devices are based on the use of permanent neodymium magnets, which are controlled pneumatically or through electronic means, to fix metal parts of iron origin.
VI. VACUUM - Marketing of an extensive and quality vacuum program, offering solutions to the manipulation of objects through this technology, combining a remarkable experience and knowledge that allows us to offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of the Client, prioritizing their interests and optimizing the results . Our offer includes from the most modest suction cup to the most complex JOULIN foamgripper system, with which to solve the manipulation of complete layers of diverse materials.
As arguments or advantages I allow myself to list:
• Quality: Our products are designed, assembled and tested according to the strictest specifications, which enables them to compete equally with the most famous manufacturers in the sector.
• Availability: Our slogan is to offer a great service and for it the vast majority of our products are delivered in 24 hours, thanks to our efficient order management system and its optimized storage and dispatch process.
• Range: We increase our offer day by day, thanks to an unstoppable desire to excel that identifies us. We invest annually in new developments at least 10% of our total sales.
• Innovation: In just 30 years, we have been able to register more than 200 international patents, which gives a clear idea about the innovative strength that this society treasures.