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Gases and technology for welding, cutting and heating.

• CORGON® and VARIGON® shielding gas line
• MISON® welding gas line designed to reduce harmful gas emissions
• ARCLINE®PP new aluminum welding process that combines the speed of MIG welding with the quality of TIG welding
• High quality gas and gas solutions for the best results in ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING
• LINDOFLAMM® heating systems using special torches
• LASERLINE® and LASERMIX® laser technology for cutting and welding
• The new GENIE® cylinder, one of the most recent technological products that Linde has presented to the market. It is an innovative and ergonomic bottle with smart content indicator
• NEMO® PLUS, innovative packages integrating cylinders with valves. Greater safety, performance, precision and comfort. 300bar
• Training, certification and consulting of welding processes ADSL (Linde Welding Academy)


Product news

  • ARCLINE®PP - High performance welding of aluminum alloys

    TIG welding is the technique that provides the best results considering quality as the goal, but the drawback of this technique is the low productivity rate. Normally, aluminum welding uses alternating current or direct current in reverse polarity. The reverse polarity allows a good elimination of the alumina layer present in all aluminum alloys, reducing the risks of inclusions, however, it limits the working amperage since the electrode in this polarity is the part that warms the most.

    MIG welding of aluminum alloys is a solution that allows us to be productive, but at the cost of lower quality in the welds obtained, these welds present problems of pores, bites, inclusions, surface dirt, and therefore sometimes it is it is necessary to reprocess the piece, or apply subsequent operations to obtain a healthy and well finished weld bead.

    Linde has developed the ARCLINE PP® welding torch, which consists of a modification and improvement of the existing TIG torches on the market.

    What is achieved with this technology is to work in reverse polarity by using a refrigerated electrode of greater diameter than usual. On the other hand, two gases are used in the process. An external gas bell that acts as a protection gas, and an internal gas bell (focus gas) whose function is to stabilize the arc and obtain greater penetration.

    With the ARCLINE PP® torch, it is not only possible to weld at a higher speed, but also the preparation of edges in thicknesses of up to 8 mm can be omitted and these thicknesses can be welded in a single pass, with the quality of TIG welding and with better productivity that the MIG process.

    For more information please contact: javier.martin@linde.com.