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PEMA - Welding Positioners - Welding Columns - Welding Turners · Automation HEAVY INDUSTRY - Productivity Solutions in Industrial Manufacturing Processes · Maintenance Services and Technical Support.

ARASOL industrial more than 50 years of experience in the market, which has brought us an experience and knowledge of the needs of the sector (industry 4.0)
- Welding and cutting
- Metal additive manufacturing (3D printing)


Product news


    50 years of productive and quality welding

    When Pemamek was established nearly 50 years ago, in 1970, it’s very first product was a small positioner. First positioners were delivered within the company’s home country Finland, but already in the midst of 1970 Pemamek started to deliver positioners abroad as well, first to Sweden and Norway.

    The first positioners were only for around 150-kilogram workpieces whereas today, Pemamek’s standard positioners can take about 50 000-kilogram loads...


  • ARASOL presents in Zaragoza the largest and most accurate multimaterial 3D printer in the world

    Aitiip Technology Center lived a day yesterday
    very special at its headquarters of the Zaragoza Business Estate.
    The entity presented to more than one hundred em guests
    industrial dams, research organizations and institutions
    from several countries one of his latest star projects
    years, the largest and most accurate multimaterial 3D printer in the
    world. Made within the framework of a European initiative, Kraken, the
    innovation is destined to revolutionize the manufacturing sector
    tion of large parts for various industrial fields, both metallic and hybrid.

    With the participation of 15 partners from 8 countries, including large
    des companies like Fiat, Pininfarina and Acciona or SMEs like
    Aragonese Arasol, the project has had a budget € 5.9 million from the Horizon 2020 European program, within the scope of the factories of the future, and has been coordinated by José Antonio Dieste, who heads the Mechatronics unit and Advanced Processes in Aitiip.

    Automotive, construction and energy, target sectors

  • Research and applied industry

    3D PRINT. The installations
    of the Aitiip technology center in
    the polygon Empresarium de Za-
    Zaragoza were the stage
    Wednesday of a great celebration-
    tion. The end of the eu- project
    Kraken wardrobe, which has allowed
    develop the 3D printer mul-
    larger and more accurate timaterial
    of the world. There is nothing! A good
    number of engineers, including
    Alcorisano Javier Navarro Es-
    Pada, who has recovered the well-
    Director of Indus-
    tria in the DGA when reoccupying
    Arturo Aliaga the counseling in the
    that both worked during
    presidencies of Marcelino Igle-
    sias and Luisa Fernanda Rudi, dis-
    They had a great time there. At work-
    jo developed by fifteen partners
    from eight countries, led by José
    Antonio Dieste, who is at the end
    you from the Mechatronics unit and
    Advanced Processes of Aitiip, has
    yielded very positive fruits with
    real applications, some of
    which could be seen that day.
    Pininfarina, partner of the initiative,
    for example, a model was brought
    ta - made by factory-
    Kraken additive tion - from one of
    its latest car models
    Vile to validate your design. Ac-
    ciona, also a partner of the consortium
    cio European, exhibited some pane-
    the hybrids made with this
    technology that are used for
    ra lining tunnels
    highway. Touch now take the
    Kraken's advance market,
    action in which Aitiip already works
    with hoc ad hoc ’offers for business
    sas, even turnkey, and the
    possible contest of the SME za-
    Ragozana Arasol, also a member
    in the European project.