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Soluciones Industriales Y Soldadura 2008, S.L.U.

Soluciones Industriales Y Soldadura 2008, S.L.U.


45530 Santa Olalla

Expert assistance provided by qualified personnel, for all manufacturing processes involving welding:
- Training, education, and certification for Welders, Inspectors, and Engineers.
- The widest range of equipment, consumables, and accessories for all welding and welding related activities.
- Consultant services for increasing productivity, improving quality, and meeting project requirements.
-New and innovative process for the most demanding welding applications.
- Supporting projects worldwide.


Product news


    FSW welding process is here to stay.
    TRA-C, partner of TWI has contributed to the development of FSW welding process as an industrial process.
    TRA-C has supplied in the last years a few installations that allow joining components that would be totally impossible to joint with any other existing process.

    SOLYSOL is cooperating with TRA-C for the supply of the first turn-key installation that will work in Spain for the company FUYMA.

    The components to be welded will serve latest automotive technology.