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Soluciones Industriales Y Soldadura 2008, S.L.U.

Soluciones Industriales Y Soldadura 2008, S.L.U.


45530 Santa Olalla

Expert assistance provided by qualified personnel, for all manufacturing processes involving welding:
- Training, education, and certification for Welders, Inspectors, and Engineers.
- The widest range of equipment, consumables, and accessories for all welding and welding related activities.
- Consultant services for increasing productivity, improving quality, and meeting project requirements.
-New and innovative process for the most demanding welding applications.
- Supporting projects worldwide.


Product news

  • Orbital Welding

    Orbital welding:
    Automation, quality control, productivity, repetitiveness.
    The ideal solution for pipe production on:
    - Chemical, petrochemical plants
    - Pressure vessel and heat exchangers fabrication
    - Pharmaceutical and food processing industry
    - Off-shore and On-shore building


  • Micro-Welding

    Micro precision welding for special applications on:
    - Aeronautical and aerospace
    - Biomedicine & pharmaceutical
    - Electrical connections
    - Energy
    - Filtration
    - Brazing controlled welding


  • Laser Manual and CNC welding

    Laser welding for minimum deformation of materials. Fast and easy application both with manual gun or mechanized head with CNC programing.



    FSW welding process is here to stay.
    TRA-C, partner of TWI has contributed to the development of FSW welding process as an industrial process.
    TRA-C has supplied in the last years a few installations that allow joining components that would be totally impossible to joint with any other existing process.

    SOLYSOL is cooperating with TRA-C for the supply of the first turn-key installation that will work in Spain for the company FUYMA.

    The components to be welded will serve latest automotive technology.