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We keep industry moving.
The SCHOLPP Group is the leading provider of global relocation and installation services for industrial systems. More than 1,200 staff at 16 German, 4 Spain and five international sites help to keep you and your business moving. Nearly 20,000 completed transportation and installation projects – in 50 countries and counting – are testament to this. SCHOLPP has been helping other businesses overcome their challenges for 60 years.
We started out as a crane company and, thanks to our satisfied customers, have grown to become an international service provider. SCHOLPP is a medium-sized, owner-managed company, so even now we maintain close relationships with our customers.


Product news

  • Machinery disassembly and relocation

    At Scholpp Ibérica de Montajes we are always where you need us to, ready at all times to help you with your industrial machinery disassembly and transportation. We keep industry moving. #LaIndustriaEnMovimiento #Scholpp #ScholppIberica

    From our offices in Barcelona, ​​Calafell, Madrid and Bilbao, we perform machinery disassembly, transportation and relacation from all over Spain and to anywhere in the world, wherever our clients need it to be.

    Our technicians will also be responsible for reassembling the equipment, and taking care of all connections and commissioning as accurately as possible.

    In each and every one of our projects, we guarantee an optimal level of technical quality.

  • Scholpp Ibérica turns 25

    Scholpp Ibérica de Montajes started up on a 03/10/1994. And 25 years later we remain one of the world leaders in the industrial machinery disassembly and transport sector.
    We want to thank your dedication and trust to all those who have accompanied us along our path; partners, customers, suppliers, to all of you, thank you very much!

    Scholpp Ibérica de Montajes, S.A.U.

    #LaIndustriaEnMovimiento #ScholppIberica #Scholpp # 25years

Job ads

  • Montador/a eléctrico, técnico/a en electrónica de maquinaria industrial

    Su reto abarcará estos tipos de trabajo:
    * Montaje y desmontaje de máquinas e instalaciones
    * Trabajar en baja tensión (hasta 1.000 V)
    * Instalación de equipos de regulación y control
    * Montaje e instalación de equipos eléctricos y sistemas de guiado de cables, especialmente en la industria automovilística, así como en el ámbito de las centrales eléctricas
    * Su ámbito de trabajo abarcará montajes todo el mundo
    Cualificación requerida:
    * Formación profesional de instalador/a eléctrico, técnico/a en electrónica, o una formación similar en el campo de la electrotécnica
    * Experiencia con instalaciones eléctricas
    * Orientación al servicio y buen trato con los clientes
    * Estar dispuesto/a a realizar montajes y viajar
    * Flexibilidad y fiabilidad
    * Permiso de conducción clase B