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Professional tools need to be absolutely reliable and functional. Quality tools from the Hoffmann Group ensure you achieve outstanding results even under the most demanding conditions. With a delivery capability higher than 99 % and an error rate of less than 0.1% we are your reliable partner for a smooth and efficient procurement and production process. With Europe's largest tooling logistics we dispatch 60,000 items per day with a strict zero error strategy.

Approximately 85,000 quality tools, more than 500 manufacturer brands as well as GARANT and HOLEX

Tools have been our passion since 1919. The range, which is updated on a yearly basis, comprises more than 500 global leading manufacturer brands as well as our own premium brand GARANT and the quality brand HOLEX.

Discover the following product groups for all application areas: Machining, Clamping technology, Metrology, Grinding and cutting, Fastening tools for screws, Gripping-, cutting and impact tools, Hand and assembly tools, Personal Protective Equipment, Power tools and workshop supplies and Workstations and storage.

Europe's No. 1 for quality tools

You only become market and performance leader by having the highest level of competence. It is our aim to povide the best tools for our customers every single day. Our 1400 highly-qualified expert adviser enable us to do just that. And we are wholeheartedly committed to providing excellent service too. We provide everything from innovative eBusiness solutions to unparalleled product applications, right through to turn-key outfitting of entire workstations and storage solutions. Benefit from our international experience and discover tools from the Hoffmann Group - for the industry standard up to the highest level.


Product news

  • Time for new ideas

    Under this slogan, Hoffmann Iberia launches a new GARANT product collection that encompasses machining, clamping, metrology and industrial furniture tools. Within it, the client can learn about new tools and equipment with great detail. Highlights, for example, the GARANT 90º PowerTang high-performance angular tangential cutter. Where they have expanded the family of products. With this tool a great advance and maximum depth of cut is achieved that allow a maximum volume of chip removal per unit of time, which significantly increases productivity. Perfect surfaces thanks to the bevels and high process safety given its stable structure of inserts.
    With regard to furniture, they propose the perfect solution that combines simplicity and efficiency, with clear structures, but that leaves a great margin for individuality. The new GARANT GridLine series combines efficiency with ergonomics and excitement and will revolutionize the workshop furniture segment. A workbench like the ones in the GARANT GridLine series offers multiple possibilities of use. From the electrical regulation of height to mobility, everything can be done while maintaining optimal ergonomics and maximum stability. In the new GridLine series, many of its new technical knowledge and a large number of new features materialize. First of all, the built-in battery that allows you to work without cables for up to 8 hours. The star of the new series and, at the same time, an absolute novelty in the market is the workbench with the possibility of electric displacement.


  • Full speed ahead – with GARANT Power Q

    New tool family for high feed rate milling offers extremely high metal removal rates at high process reliability over a wide variety of tools

    Stuttgart/Munich, 18th September 2018 – Milling with very high feed rates, without compromising process reliability – this is why the Hoffmann Group has now brought the new GARANT Power Q product family on to the market. With four different types of tool holder and newly developed indexable inserts in three system sizes, GARANT Power Q offers a broad spectrum of tools for machining steel, hardened steel, stainless steel and titanium, all to high standards of process reliability. Thus GARANT Power Q is suitable for all users who have to perform flexibly across a wide range of milling tasks and who need to achieve extremely high metal removal rates. GARANT Power Q will be exhibited at the AMB 2018 in Hall 3, Stand D77.

    The GARANT Power Q product family is characterised by high process reliability at very high feed rates, across an enormous range of products. Thanks to their newly developed geometry the indexable inserts are extremely stable and deliver high performance. A two-part end face radius and large clearance angles ensure reliable chip evacuation and permit a high feed rate, with constant performance even in deep cavities. The new types of insert are suitable for GARANT Power Q tool carriers with diameters from 16 to 100 millimetres. They are available in three system sizes XOM.060310, XDM.090416 and XDM.120516 for steel, hardened steel, stainless steel and titanium.

    The carriers support the inserts both axially and radially. This secure bedding of the inserts allows GARANT Power Q to master all milling operations with high process reliability – even at large overhangs. The tool carriers are available with a Weldon shank, plain shank, thread or bore.

  • World first: Higher gloss without polishing paste

    Stuttgart/Munich, 18th September 2018 – The degree of automation is increasing in industry, however high-quality components and items produced by 3D printing still often require manual post-processing abrasion and polishing operations. The Hoffmann Group is now making this work more environmentally compatible and efficient. This is because the new GARANT diamond polishing tools carry the abrasive grit embedded directly in a flexible carrier material such as polyurethane foam or microfibres. There is therefore no necessity to use polishing paste; micro-scratches are completely buffed out and the surfaces are more quickly brought to a high-gloss mirror finish. The new GARANT diamond polishing tools are available as sponges, cloths, polishing files, self-adhesive polishing strips, polishing pads, cloths by the sheet.

    The new GARANT diamond polishing tools are optimised for high-gloss finishing and super-finishing of workpieces of carbide, cast iron, hardened steels, ceramics, non-ferrous metals and plastic. The mono-crystalline diamond grit has special cutting properties and is securely bonded within the carrier material – so the tools are particularly sharp and free-cutting. Since there is no polishing paste, micro-scratches cannot become filled with paste. Scratches thus remain evident throughout the entire operation and can be removed completely. After dry abrasion, the tools can simply be washed off with water and a nylon brush.

    The resilient GARANT diamond polishing tools are suitable for a range of finishes, from fine smoothing to high-gloss polishing. Being flexible, they can adapt to all kinds of surfaces. GARANT diamond polishing tools can polish even particularly delicate workpieces up to a mirror finish.

  • Hands: our most important tool

    The human hand is a perfect set of 27 bones, 33 muscles and 30 joints. This complex construction can provide from pure force to hit to precision works like filigree, going through a very broad spectrum of tasks; a really impressive tool. Unprotected hands face many risks.
    More than a third of occupational accidents cause injuries directly on the hands. Among others, the possible damages are cuts, burns and abrasions. Each accident does not only threaten health, but also causes high costs. The right gloves offer effective protection.
    Within this protection area, Hoffmann Iberia wants to present you with protective gloves against cuts KX-10. Adjusted and lightweight class 5 with mixed polyurethane and nitrile coating for good grip. Features a seamless HPPE base material with 18-Gauge knit technology, reinforced thumb joint for increased durability and elastic knit cuff with snap closure for a secure and secure fit.


  • World premiere: GARANT GridLine self-propelled workbench

    As the highlight of the new GARANT GridLine series, the Hoffmann Group is presenting the world's first self-propelled workbench at LogiMAT 2018. The self-propelled workbench GARANT is electrically driven by a powerful battery. This allows employees to move their entire workstation to another location within the factory hall with little effort. Vice, tools and other heavy objects are thus always at hand; heavy carrying is avoided, relieving strain on the back. The Hoffmann Group will show its products at LogiMAT 2018 in Hall 5, stand 5D47.

    Operating the self-propelled workbench from GARANT GridLine is extremely easy. With just one hand on the steering handle, the employee can effortlessly move the workbench forwards or backwards – and at a continuously adjustable speed up to 4 km/h. The operating status of the workbench can be easily identified at any time in less well-lit areas of the workshop on the LED display.

    To ensure that the GARANT self-propelled workbench can move comfortably even on uneven ground, it has been equipped with 125 millimetre diameter wheels. It can also pass over door thresholds easily. A special fibre shield prevents the castors from seizing and high-quality ball bearings ensure optimum running smoothness. Swivel head locking for the wheels and rotating mechanism on the castors ensure secure on-the-spot locking. The solid, galvanized sheet steel body is protected against splashing water from all sides.

    The new GARANT self-propelled workbench not only looks good, but also provides ergonomics and convenience. As a product of the new GARANT GridLine series, the workbench fits together perfectly with all equipment designed according to GARANT GridLine. The new GARANT GridLine self-propelled workbench is available starting mid of June 2018.



    GARANT GridLine: The logic behind the operating equipment
    New design concept allows for flexible redesign, without any compromises

    Munich, 13 March 2018 – The Hoffmann Group presents at LogiMAT 2018 for the first time its new holistic design concept GARANT GridLine. GARANT GridLine, that means "E3 – Ergonomics, Efficiency, Emotion" for the design of modern facilities based on a clear planning basis and a prescribed grid. This creates a variety of combination and expansion options. Because aesthetics and functionality are guaranteed even if changes to the design are made in the future. The Hoffmann Group can be found at LogiMAT 2018 in Hall 5, stand 5D47.

    Operating equipment of the new GARANT GridLine series makes it possible to assemble individual components according to the modular principle. Cabinets, for example, have uniform housing dimensions, partitioning materials fit into every drawer. All products follow the same design principles: Useful, ergonomic, aesthetic. This means that the products are user-friendly, easy to handle and visually appealing. Because a functional, beautifully designed workplace promotes employee motivation.

    To ensure that new operating equipment can be easily integrated into new environments, the Hoffmann Group has changed the standard colour for GARANT operating equipment from steel blue to anthracite. The new operating equipment in subtle dark grey can be harmoniously combined with all existing colours. In addition, the familiar ten colour options are available without extra charge. Special colours are available on request.
    With GARANT GridLine, the Hoffmann Group offers clear structures that still provide plenty of room for individuality and future change.