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Eurecat is the Technological Center of Catalonia that provides the industrial sector with differential technology and advanced knowledge to respond to its innovation needs and boost its competitiveness.

In the field of COMPOSITES, Eurecat works in the development of light components of high mechanical performance with leading manufacturing processes.
• In compounding it offers the development of thermoplastic compounds tailored by extrusion, characterization of the materials developed and manufacturing in test piece / piece for validation.
• In composites, applied research focuses on the manufacturing processes of light pieces of high performance by different technologies; RTM, pultrusion, press-forming, infusion, Hot Drape Forming and autoclave mainly.
• In reinforcements, study the most appropriate textile technology to develop the fabric. Make the conceptual design of the fabric structure that suits the preform and modify the materials to protect the fibers.

In the field of ROBOTICS, our technological offer focuses on:
• Industrial robotics: Robotized cells, tooling design, collaborative robotics, advanced modeling and simulation, intuitive and multimodal programming.
• Automation and mechatronics: Process control, sensors and actuators, embedded systems, artificial vision, automated quality control.
• Laboratory for testing and technological validation: Robots, tooling and equipment available for testing in order to verify the technological feasibility of the solution.
• Autonomous robotics: Air and land vehicles, navigation and control, sensors and actuators.