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Metrología Sariki is a dimensional measurement solutions provider with over 34 years experience in the Spanish market. Integrated within the Unceta Group, Sariki is specialized in measurement systems consulting, equipment supply, user training, customer support (technical hardware and software), measurement service and the design and implementation of measurement engineering projects.

Sariki is committed to direct cooperation with industry and research, based on innovative technologies and the ability to develop customer specific solutions.

We are specialized in the development of turnkey metrology projects integrated in line or close to the line.

Inline integrations
Manual/automatic loading systems
Interface development for plant operators
Design of security elements
Integration of inspection results in corporate database


Product news

  • Metrología Sariki will present the new MiSTAR 555 measuring machine for production environments at Metalmadrid

    The MiSTAR 3d measuring machine guarantees high speed and accurate measurements even in severe machining sites without the need to create a special environment in the production area. It offers a guarantee of precision under a wide range of temperatures from 10°C to 40°C and requires only a 100 V AC power supply. The flexibility in its installation and the saving of space have reduced the area of installation to approximately 70 percent of the CMM of conventional bridge type.

    Designed to be easily automatable. Mistar 555 uses an open frame design (570 x 500 x 500mm) with an x-axis cantilever type allowing users to easily locate a part for measurement from three directions: the front, back and right side.

    It’s a versatile and flexible system. You can incorporate the following probes: TP200 and SP25M

    MiStar 555 allows you to integrate quality control into production as another phase of the process, and this can bring great benefits to your company.

    - Get useful data to improve the quality of the geometry of your parts
    - Control and optimize your process
    - Make decisions at the speed that production demands
    - Increase quality standards
    - Solve problems in real time, having a true knowledge of where the origin is
    - Increase the speed of inspection to impact the minimum time in the production line


    MiSTAR has been designed for high precision inspection of the automotive, aeronautical, health, capital equipment, machine tool, consumer … etc parts directly in production. The equipment is suitable for inspection of machined parts, stamping, plastic / aluminum injection, turbine blades, gears, molds and dies … up to 500mm.