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36318 Vigo

Sumicarol was founded in Vigo in 1982, where it initially developed its activity as distributor of abrasive and industrial products and after established itself in both national and international markets. Since 1982 In 1998, on our own initiative, and as the start of a technological renovation process of equipments and software and communication programs which has been completed before 2000, we obtained the Quality Certificate UNE-EN ISO 9002, accredited by the company LRQA. We are currently UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. In 2005 we gave a strong boost to improve competitiveness by making an important investment creating an abrasive Conversion plant fitted with state of the art technology and equipment in order to manufacture abrasive products of all kinds; belts, rolls, sheets, discs etc. This achievement has managed to bring together a highly qualified and experienced group of people that makes us a point of reference in our sector. Facilities Manufacturing Delivery Facilities In 2013, Sumicarol moved to new facilities located in a strategic location and adapted to the new demands of the market, which leads to better customer service, more agility in the response and logistics improvement. Our high and flexible production capability, high technology and product knowledge allow us to satisfy our clients´ most demanding requests, being able to adapt to both their technical and production needs. All this work is grounded on an excellent selection of worldwide providers, leaders in manufacturing products for the industry, which implies, together with an agile commercial and distribution network, that we are able to offer a broad range of products and services at a high technological level and the best value for money. In addition of being specialized in abrasive products such as sanders, cut off and grinding discs, wheels, surfaces polishing products, diamonds etc, we are also specialized in cutting tools such as drills, burrs, hard metal plates, etc , as well as in band saw for metals and measuring instruments, always offering high technology products and maximum performance Some of our main manufacturers and brands we work with are: NORDIFLEX, SPARKFLEX, STACAB.