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Tele Radio are experts on safe wireless and radio remote control. Our main business areas are within industry, industrial-, lift, mobile-, doors, gates and barriers applications. We also offer remote controls for hydraulic machinery.

With more than 60 years of experience we have solid knowledge and experience of radio control systems. Our mission is to provide end-to-end product solutions, technologies and services in the field of wireless equipment control and machine communication, where reliability and safety are the key decisive factors. We reach these goals by making all our employees be part of the process and take responsibility for their respective areas of work. Our utmost goal is to provide you with solutions that will add value to your business while at the same time provide impeccable support when you need it.

Safety is a big concern to us, being a Swedish company it is part of our essence. We put great effort into making our products as safe as possible. We spend considerable efforts to make sure our products meet the highest possible safety standards, and we have the certificates to back that claim up.

As you have probably guessed by now, our products are not only safe but they are also robust and can take a beating. We know that our remote controls get thrown around, dropped, run over, get wet – and that is all fine, we had it in mind when designing them. They are meant to be used.

A wireless remote control is a safety and convenience-centric system for controlling a piece of machinery. It places the operator exactly where she needs to be instead of the natural constraints of a control panel or wired control. A wireless remote is also not in the operator’s way like a cable bound system would be. The cable is both impeding for the work and a safety hazard, a tripping hazard and also susceptible to damage.


Product news

  • Tele Radio Academy

    Hoy os queremos presentar los videos de Tele Radio Academy. Videos instructivos donde podréis aprender cómo registrar un transmisor a un receptor, cómo cambiar un transmisor por otro ya conectado a un receptor (por causas de mantenimiento o reparación), cómo eliminar todos los transmisores conectados a un receptor o cómo cambiar de canal en un transmisor. Estos videos los encontrarás para todos nuestros productos Tiger y Panther.

    Todos los podréis encontrar haciendo click en el enlace más abajo, en nuestra lista de reproducción de youtube de Tele Radio.


  • Tele Radio launches new corporate identity

    Tele Radio was founded in Sweden in 1955 as a small company, later specialized in the development of radio control systems. It has since grown into a company of global importance in the field of industrial wireless remote control solutions. The combination of high-quality products and dedicated attention to specific customer needs has made the company internationally successful. Moreover, there has never been a better time for Tele Radio:everything today hinges on the protection of people and the environment by means of smart, customer-specific solutions that reduce costs, and ensure comfortable and safe working conditions for personnel — the critical success factor for every company. In other words:the time was ripe to go adopt our global stance, complete with new branding and logo.

    The popularity of wireless solutions continues to grow, and rightly so. Remote control has clearly proven to be the safest and most comfortable way to control machinery. This is exactly why Tele Radio puts the human being at the centre of its new brand positioning with:Safe.Surrounding this safecore are the layers Smart(for flexible solutions), and Strong toemphasise that all products developed and sold by Tele Radio are rugged and reliable. Under all conditions.

    Last year Tele Radio initiated the development of a new corporate identity, including a new logo, to give the company a consistent look wherever it does business around the world. Modern and energetic, but also tough and dependable –like its products and services.

    Ola Samelius, President:
    “As a company, we want to express our core objective:safety for the operator.You can’t achieve this by simply taking a product from the shelf and shipping it in a box; the only right way is to immerse yourself in the actual working environment, alongside the people that work there. That is where you decide how to develop the optimum solution.”

  • Tele Radio announces PUMA wireless remote control – SIL3

    PUMA is Tele Radio’s new and feature-rich system that includes transmitter, receiver, integrated software for configuration and monitoring. The system is compatible with all major fieldbus systems.The series exists of base types that can easily be customized to the exact needs of the end user. For example, with the use of a separate active antenna that significantly extends the wireless range. This revolutionary wireless remote control will be announced at Bauma 2019 in Munich.

    The Swedish Tele Radio Group has been operating in the market for wireless remote control – safe, smart and strong – for more than sixty years. Based on the knowledge and experience acquired over all these years, the most advanced system so far will be launched in April: PUMA. A highly comprehensive system, designed to meet the strict demands of the mobile industrial and hydraulic sector. The system is independently tested and certified in compliance with industrial standards SIL3, PLd and Category 3.

    The PUMA transmitters are available in 3 types: T24 (large), T26 (smaller) and later this year the T28 with a large colour display. Under the hood a wide range of possibilities are available, ranging from basic to full-featured versions, with RFID and LED lighting in the handgrips. Every type comes with an unrestricted choice of joysticks, paddles and switches.

    A feature of the entire range is the modular set up, enabling fast delivery of fully-customized transmitters. The end user simply specifies the desired functionality and how this should be controlled –customization was never so easy! Advanced software makes it possible to upgrade or modify the systems at any time, even remotely.

    At the Bauma trade fair, Tele Radio will spotlight the new active antenna that greatly extends the range of the PUMA series. This makes the PUMA series suitable for use in very demanding circumstances, like mining, in mountainous areas, or in big buildings without losing signal.

  • Construx uses Tele Radio systems at the construction of a new Rotterdam tank terminal

    Construx is one of Europe’s leading mould makers for precast plants and on site use. Throughout the years the Construx team learned to be creative and innovative. In the very competitive West European market you can only stand out if you are creative, and that is exactly what the Construx crew is good at. They are not a company with high-brow declarations but they are truly convinced that working together with Construx is as choosing for a partnership based on audacity, expertise, quality and flexibility.
    For some of the automated precast moulds that Construx produces a Tele Radio remote control is incorporated, since this ensures safety, freedom of movement and speed in the procedures. The choice for the Tele Radio Panther remote system was made because these have a safety function, they are easy to use and install, and programmable according to the specific needs of Construx.

    Wouter Van deputte:
    ‘In comparison to the other brands that we have used before Tele Radio provides ease of installation because we can adjust settings of the remote on site with our laptops through USB connection. That really gives us the flexibility we need!’

    The HES HARTEL tank terminal
    The images are taken at the Port of Rotterdam where a 1,200 m deep see wall and a 1,000 m quay wall is constructed with Construx precast moulds that are operated a wireless Tele Radio remote control. The project started beginning of 2018. To get an impression of the project, there are 50 segments that combine the deep see wall. Each segment exists of 150 tons of concrete iron and 1,040 cubic meter of concrete, transported by more than 100 trucks.

    At the construction site of 27 hectares there will be 52 tanks for storage and transfer of oil products and bio fules by the end of 2021. The total capacity is around 1.3 million cubic meters.