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SIEBEC has been manufacturing pumping and filtration equipment for industrial fluids for more than 60 years. The fields of application range from surface treatment to the filtration of industrial oils and the treatment of effluents.
Our products are used in the most diverse sectors: aeronautics, automotive, industrial machinning, pharmaceutical, agro-food etc ...


Product news


    Introducing the new range of SIEBEC vacuum cleaners.
    OPTIMOIL, WINDVAC and large volume TANKVAC.

    OPTIMOIL technology combines:
    an unparalleled suction power in the market
    • aspiration + discharge
    • two levels of filtrate that retain particles up to 5 μm
    • comfortable use effortlessly
    • simplified total cleaning
    • excellent maneuverability adapted to industrial surfaces
    • retention tray to preserve the environment and facilitate
    drained from accessories

    SIEBEC - SOFRAPER WINDVAC technology is based on a Venturi
    with compressed air supply that connects to the system. To the
    create the vacuum in the barrel, the aspiration or transfer of
    charged liquids A support with 3/4 "GAS thread float allows
    a simple connection of the WINDVAC vacuum cleaner and a quick hitch
    allows tight mounting of the suction hose in the hole
    GAS 2 "of the barrel. The aspiration is controlled by simply opening
    the air inlet valve. The WINDVAC is very manageable and is
    perfectly adapted to industrial surfaces.
    Safety float stops aspiration when level is reached
    maximum liquid of the barrel. Optionally can channel
    harmful vapors to offer an external evacuation (consult).
    WINDVAC technology, unlike other Venturi systems
    available in the market, it is characterized by a very loud sound volume
    low of 72 db (A) and a high flow.

    TANK-VAC vacuum cleaners integrate OPTIMOIL technology
    and allow the suction, with or without filtering, of all fluids
    Industrial They suck shavings, sludge and sediments that separate
    of the aspirated fluids, which are restored again, either
    directly or through fine filtering for the regeneration of
    fluid. Available in standard mode in capacities from 450 to
    4000 L.