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GVB GmbH - Solutions In Glass /Marpex Importaciones S.L.U



GVB GmbH – Solutions in Glass

Laser Optics

Laser protective glass (which is also called protective windows, protective filters or welding protective windows) saves your high-priced laser optics from material splashes in the course of the cutting or welding process. It also goes by the name “final window“, because it is the last optics in front of the work piece (like an Al sheet) that has to be processed. Laser protective windows for solid state lasers are often made of quartz glass since the material offers a high transmission in the UV range as well as in the IR range, a minimal absorption and a high temperature shock resistance. But optical borosilicate glasses like BK7 and HK9L are suitable for lower laser powers as well. CO2 lasers require zinc selenide glasses. All substrates are finished with an antireflective coating (short: AR-coating) to increase the transmission respectively to lower the reflection.


Product news

  • Protective Windows for Laseroptics

    Each beam of light generates a back reflection during the transition from one into another medium.
    Antireflective coatings are used to minimize effects like loss of power and the appearance of dangerous hot spots caused by the back reflection.

    Antireflective coatings (short AR-coating) are used in a variety in optics as they reduce the reflection of glass surfaces. The increased light transmission and a reduction of aberrations are the main advantages.