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Innovation, reliability and flexibility are the guidelines of a company that in almost 70 years has always aimed at quality products and a first-class service to the customer. Founded in Venice in 1950, Sorma S.p.A. established itself as one of the most important players internationally in the Cutting and Diamond Tools market.
The Cutting Tools division is focused on the distribution on the international market of top brands like Osawa, for a wide range of solid carbide end mills and drills; Nikko Tools, for indexable inserts and tools. In Italy, Sorma is the distributor of Yamawa, for threading taps; Kemmer, for grooving and cutting off tools; LMT Tools Group, which includes leading companies as Kieninger, Fette, Onsrud and Belin.
The Diamond Tools division is focused on production and distribution of abrasive and super abrasive tools (Diamond & CBN) used to work stones, glass, metals, composite materials, concrete, cloth, paper, wood and in many other applications.
Sorma has 100 employees in the Italian headquarters in Venice.


Product news

  • AUSP Pipe Series

    Yamawa AUSP Series meet perfectly these requirements thanks to a set of specially-developed technical features:
    - “high positive” cutting angle;
    - special “heel design”;
    - BLF geometry;
    - in-house developed coating.
    AUSP Series drastically reduce galling troubles on the cutting edge and improves chip ejection, allowing high reliability and long tool life. AUSP taps are multi-purpose, since they are suitable for tapping a wide range of materials: structural steel; carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminium. In Rp and Rc threads, this family also includes long shank solutions.

  • PM Series: specialized taps for Mould&Die machining

    PM Series is designed to work from 25 to 45 HRC steels, PM Series show outstanding performance mainly on 30-40 HRC steels, widely used in plastic injection mould construction. The PM Series complete Yamawa range for Mould&Die industry, that currently count on:
    - UH-CT: 55-60 HRC;
    - EH-CT: 45-55 HRC;
    - EH Series: (30)40-45 HRC;
    - PM Series: (25)30-40(45) HRC;
    - PH Series: 25-30(37) HRC.

  • Nikko Tools NCD high-performance solution range of solid carbide drills

    Nikko Tools NCD drills will be immediately available in the following geometries:
    - General Purpose GP for ISO P, ISO K and ISO M applications in 3XD and 5XD versions with and without oil holes, with diameters ranging from 3 mm to 20 mm;
    - Smooth Cut SC for ISO M, ISO P and ISO S applications in 3xD and 5XD with oil holes, with diameters ranging from 3 mm to 20 mm.
    Both geometries are available in decimal sizes up to 12 mm diameter and half sizes from 12 mm up to 20 mm.

  • UHF-RT end mills for high feed milling on hardened and pre-hardened ISO H and ISO P materials

    Osawa UHF-RT end mills offer the highest productivity on pocketing using ramping and helical interpolation; they are designed to perform both roughing and semi-finishing with the same tool, resulting in additional time saving produced by the lower number of tool changes.
    Despite the challenges presented by the hardness of materials involved, UHF-RT family presents top-level features:
    • Reduced cutting force, thanks to a composite radius geometry that create thinner chips in comparison with conventional radius;
    • convex design with a no-contact area in the end mill center together with the special helix geometry, reduce drastically the vibration, even when machining at corners;
    • broad range of diameters from 2 to 12 mm all with 3xD reduced neck.

  • VU Z-PRO: the evolution of high performance tapping

    VUSP (spiral fluted taps for blind holes) and VUPO (spiral pointed taps for through holes) taps are designed to deliver top performances both in mass production and small batches applications, without jeopardising performance, reliability and quality.
    “In the current production scenario, flexibility is the key that helps our clients dealing with different requests quickly while ensuring the utmost quality – said Alessandro Sorgato, CEO of Yamawa Europe – our new VUSP and VUPO taps of the Z-PRO range, designed to be used in modern multi-function machining centres, allow our clients to obtain the highest performance on different materials, such as steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminium.”
    VUSP and VUPO taps are developed to obtain continuous and reliable tapping, as well as to extend significantly the tool life thanks to exceptional chip evacuation. The new taps feature an innovative flute design allowing optimal chip control and lower cutting forces resulting in excellent finishing quality of the internal threads.
    The taps are made with premium quality powder high-speed steel, produced based on Yamawa’s specifications and feature a new special coating to maximise wear resistance.