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17460 CELRA

Engineering, Process and Product Industrialisation. Drawing, Stamping and Processing in Stainless Steel. 3D Laser Cutting and Welding.

Matriçats is a company that leads the market for cold processing of stainless steel and other metal alloys.

We organise our services into three distinct business lines:

1. Product and process DESIGN: We create or adapt the design of the product under study, always seeking the best possible balance between meeting the requirements of the customer and keeping production costs to a minimum. Based on the design agreed with the customer, we develop the manufacturing process.

2. Process INDUSTRIALISATION: We have a workshop with the resources required to industrialise the manufacturing process, where the tooling and dies included in the process design are constructed and adapted. This area is also available for subsequent maintenance of the tooling, dies, automated equipment and special machines.

3. Serial PRODUCTION: We offer exclusive production techniques within the sector of drawing stainless steel and other metals. These are suitable for small, medium or large production batches. Hydraulic and mechanical presses (tonnage up to 2,000t, table dimensions up to 2,600mm). Special capacity for deep drawing up to 600mm and thicknesses up to 20mm. Ancillary technologies such as 3D laser cutting and welding stations, conventional welding stations and automated polishing and finishing stations.