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IMS Tecnical Industrial was founded in Spain in 2016, based in Valencia, as an offical reseller of IMS Italia products, in the Spanish and Portuguese market. IMS stands out for its specialization in the production of tool holders for CNC machines for the processing of marble, stone, wood, aluminum, plastic, metal and glass. A leader in its own market, IMS manufactures standard and customized products, to meet the specific needs of its customers. Its catalog today has more than 4,000 products and continues to grow with our customers. Experience, quality, immediate attention to the needs of the client and the continuous technological evolution, is what allows IMS today to be a reference for the most important CNC manufacturers worldwide.


Product news

  • IMS Spindle repair service

    Taking advantage of experienced collaborators, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, IMS is able to provide a dedicated repair and inspection service for electrospindles of any brand and for any type of

    SERVICE: The IMS service is based on speed and efficiency, to minimize the problems
    generated by machine downtime.
    DIAGNOSTICS: diagnostics are performed immediately and within 24 hours from delivery the customer receives a review of the problems as well as an estimate.
    INTERVENTION: the standard intervention time is one week from the acceptance of the price quotation.
    EXPRESS SERVICE: the special Express service allows you to reduce the intervention time to 48 hours.
    SECURITY: IMS combines its fifty years of experience in the field with the expertise of qualified and competent personnel.
    WARRANTY: after the intervention, the electrospindle is covered by a 6 months warranty, extensible up to 12 months.

    IMS repairs electrospindles of all types and dedicated to all processes, including milling, boring, turning and grinding. Call today to learn more!