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FERG is a company dedicated to the manufacture of threadcutting tools, founded in Vic (Barcelona) in 1963. It has a qualified expert professional team of great human value with vast experience, a highly specialized industrial infrastructure, a highly reliable product; not to mention the confidence and loyalty of hundreds of companies spread over the five continents. Thanks to all this, FERG tools work to full capacity in the most varied production sectors.


Product news


    Produce and compete from Europe to the rest of the world, especially in the emergent countries, motivate us to find innovative solutions to remain our manufacturing processes competitive in cost and cycle production time.

    Get optimums production processes are basic requirements for the European tool-makers to continue manufacturing in the entire world.

    The FERG strengths are the large know how in the threading, the innovation, the quality and the technical support service. All this advantages allow us to provide our customers with the best threading solutions in the global markets. One of this innovative solutions for reduce the production costs are the carbide thread mailling cutter, and specifically the model BGF that give us the opportunity to combine three (drilling + chamfering + threading) operations in one same cutting tool.

    The FERG BGF carbide thread milling cutters are made with the best European micrograin tungsten carbide for provide a high wear resistance and an excellent tenacity.

    This kind of cutting tool offers us the opportunity to be used in large production series of the Automotive components sector, Motorbike sector, etc ...

    With the modern machines and new skilled personnel, more and more these tools are used in medium series for reduce the machining time and increase flexibility to the manufacturing capacity. Examples of this are in the Railway sector, Aeronautics sector, Hydraulics components sector, etc...

    A large range of threading milling cutters are available for the short chip materials as Aluminium, Aluminium - Magnesium alloys, grey cast iron, short chip bronze, ...

    The use of the FERG Solid Carbide Micrograin Thread Drill Milling Cutters provides the following advantages:

    - The combination of three tools in one, reducing working cycles, improving productivity and reducing tool storage
    - Reduction of tool changing times.
    - One same tool can be used for threading blind or through holes.
    - Reduction of setting times and machine adjustments.
    - Reduction of threading times due to high cutting speeds and feeds.
    - A great surface finishing with the precise dimensions can be obtained by thye adjustment of the correct cutting parameters.
    - Selecting the radial displacements of the tool we are able to get the desired dimensions of the thread.
    - Exact concentricity between the internal and the external thread diameter.
    - Useful for threading difficult holes and complex pieces.
    - BGF mills exercise a low cutting pressure facilitating the threading of thin wall pieces.
    - Production of small chips for and easy extraction.

    At present, if we apply the high technology solutions in our production processes, we have the opportunity to optimize our tools store and reduce the environmental costs, providing us efficiency and competitiveness.

    Do not hesitate to contact us, in FERG we are at your disposal to assist and solve your threading needs with standard or customised solutions.


    FERG presents a wide variety of options for the threading of Aluminium and Magnesium. This options that Ferg presents can be used in threading of aluminium components with differents silicon contents, of SI ˂ 6% to SI ˃ 11% :

    - Group AL1- For through holes: 130A, AC130A, DL130A.
    - Group AL1- For blind holes: 140A, AC140A, DL140A.
    - Group AL2- For through holes : AC134A, DL134A.
    - Group AL2 -For blind holes: AC144A, DL144A.
    - Group GAL- For blind holes and through holes HSSE-VE: AC142A.
    - Group GAL- For blind holes and through holes HM: 740A, A740A.

    Under demand, FERG has been making multiple special designs optimizing the threading and improving the productivity in large series.


    In the actual market the needs to reduce the production and environmental cost move as to innovate, redesign pieces, processes and tools for improve and being competitive sustainable.

    The threading operation is being and important phase integrated in the productive processes that, today, are made with modern equipment that allows threading at higher speeds, reduce manufacturing times and also the consumption of lubricants.

    Ferg aumenta su gama de grifos de conformado en frío añadiendo las últimas mejoras en materiales y recubrimiento en su programa de referencias: AC-175A, A-175A, S-175A.


    Ferg produce a wide range of threading taps in HSS and in tungsten carbide for solve the complex threading of the heat-treatable steels and high resistance steels:

    - Machine tap HR: for threading high resistance steels, 1300 N/mm2
    - Machine tap HR+ : for threading hardened steels 40 ÷ 63 Hrc.

    The range that FERG has as standard can be used for different materials and hardness at also produces specials applications adapted to the requirements of the costumers.


    With the group of taps NI, Ferg offers a new solution for the threading of Nickel alloys and Nickel super-alloys.


    Whit high-alloyed steels and an optimal cutting geometry, Ferg has designed a new model of taps for threading complex Cr-Ni alloys that today are being used in the aeronautical and energetic sector.

    Ferg produce different kind of thread standards as M, MJ, UNC, UNJC, UNF, UNJF adapted to the needs of customers.