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PFERD-Rüggeberg, S.A.

PFERD-Rüggeberg, S.A.



PFERD is the leading brand for the development, production and support, as well as the distribution of tool solutions for surface finishing and material cutting.

In keeping with a tradition that dates back more than 200 years, PFERD operates as an independent, internationally oriented family-owned company in the long term.

PFERD tools offer the user maximum benefit and cost-effectiveness.

Its unlimited commitment to premium quality, its reliability as a supplier and its responsible use of resources all make PFERD a dependable and reliable trading partner that operates with sustainability in mind.

All those involved in PFERD play their part in securing PFERD’s position as an internationally valued premium brand. Thanks to their personal involvement, people across the whole world trust Blue and choose PFERD.

Product news

  • SELFEXPLANATORY! A new design for PFERD grinding tools

    PFERD is optimising the design of the labels on its grinding tools. This will make it easier for customers to select the right product, because the new labels provide all the essential information at a glance.

    The range structure, product design and labelling have all been adapted to the changing requirements of the market. For cut-off wheels, for example, this means an unmistakable, modern, clear-cut and professional design. PFERD was particularly keen to make the product labels as comprehensible as possible. "Our products should be ‘self-explanatory’", says Stefan Braun, Director of Sales and Marketing at PFERD, and continues: "Users should always decide on PFERD products, because their performance and handling are ‘SELFEXPLANATORY’."

    To make it easier to find the right tool, we have concentrated on rearranging and redesigning catalogue sections 6 and 7. The material for which the tool is suitable now appears in each product designation. Another feature is a star system highlighting the three PFERD quality lines and making them instantly recognisable.

  • VICTOGRAIN - The high-performance abrasive grain

    The VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain triangles are identical in shape and size and their cutting edges are applied to the workpiece at the optimum angle, meaning the grain needs very little energy to penetrate the workpiece.
    The VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain triangles are fixed to the substrate on one of their sides. This means they are securely fixed in place and, together with their slim design, offer an extremely large chip space in order to further improve machining efficiency.

    The structure of the triangular VICTOGRAIN has also been specially adapted to maximize results. The very small crystals inside the triangles ensure optimal wear characteristics as sharp cutting edges are always exposed, but only the minimum amount of abrasive grain/the triangle breaks off.

    By combining all these properties together, users benefit from optimal, constant performance during cool grinding and an extremely long tool life together with consistent workpiece surface roughness.


  • PFERD tools with X-LOCK

    PFERD tools with Just one ClickWith the Bosch X-LOCK system for angle grinders, you can change tools quickly and comfortably. Instead of a round centre hole, the X-LOCK system features an X-shaped contour, which allows the tool to be fixed on the angle grinder in a form-fitting manner. This guarantees that different tools can be mounted securely and comfortably in the shortest possible time. The unique system meets the highest quality and safety standards and even withstands tough and challenging oper-ating conditions.

    ■Quick and comfortable tool changes.
    ■Tools are fixed securely since they audibly click into place.
    ■Tools with X-LOCK can also be used on con-ventional angle grinders with an M14 and 5/8”-11 thread (exception: cup brushes).

    Recommendations for use:
    ■Place the tool on the X-LOCK quick-change system of your angle grinder and secure it by lightly pressing it down. The tool will audibly click into place.