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Metalcam Sheet Metal Software

Metalcam Sheet Metal Software


20305 IRUN

Within its expansion plan, Alma, the world leader in the development of software applications for the metal industry, was established in mid-2015 in the Iberian Peninsula, to develop and distribute a whole series of advanced technological solutions within software CAD / CAM.
Fruit of said commitment, from MetalCAM S.M.S., S.L. (Alma Ibérica) face with illusion, capacity and knowledge the challenges of becoming a national reference for this type of industry, mentioned above.
From its headquarters in Irún - Guipúzcoa, and with technical-commercial delegations throughout the Spanish geography, it is sought to satisfy the demand of the clients, offering them technical and commercial, close and professional support.
Today, the best Nesting in the market is available to our customers, under the AlmaCAM platform for the cutting sectors (laser, plasma, water jet and oxyfuel) as well as for punching and combined machines. In addition, specific applications are available for calculating quotations, cutting tubes, etc.
In addition to the already famous sheet metal optimizer that so many customers have had the opportunity to try and enjoy the savings it provides and the improvements implemented in the ALMAQUOTE quotation module, METALCAM presents its new SORTware Automatic Palletizing System and its integrated ERP Metal.Millenium ERP

Product news

  • NEWS

    - The new version 3.1 of almaQuote, the software for Alma quotation for sheet metal and robotic welding, has just come out. It includes three important improvements:
     The possibility of making quotation for tubes and profiles.
     The follow-up management.
     The management of multiple quantities.
    AlmaQuote allows the rapid creation of quotations, from very basic to the most elaborate for the part of sheet metal manufacturing. It is intended for sheet metal subcontractors who must respond to budget requests in very short delivery times and to manufacturers looking for customized functions or applications for highly customized needs.
    AlmaQuote can be used by any company that already uses or not a CAD / CAM software product developed by Alma.

    - SORTware: is an innovative system, consisting of Off-Line programming software, Supervisor and Articulated Clamping Tool (BIPODE ©), combinable with any anthropomorphic robot, which automates the process of classification of the parts cut in laser cutting machines , plasma, water-jet, milling machines.
    SORTWARE® integrates the sorting robot with the cutting machines and, as an option, with automatic warehouses for sheets, parts and skeletons. The ERP and the CAM pass the information to SORTWARE® that schedules the download respecting the customizable palletization rules. A program of numerical control is loaded in the supervisor who, connected to the robot, performs the download, supervises the process, manages the restarts, etc.
    The clamping of the parts is facilitated by a special patented tool, BIPODE ©: 2 articulated arms that adapt to the shape and size of the pieces, drastically reducing tool changes. The BIPODE also allows simultaneous taking of two pieces and storage in nearby stacks. This reduces cycle times and optimizes the use of pallets!

    - ALMACAM PoweNest II: An improvement in the nesting calculation algorithm, further improving the use of the raw material. If the client wants to make a comparison with his current solution, he can do so by going to http://es.almacam.com/Plus/Test-de-nesting-automatico.

    - Assembly2cam: With the new assembly2CAM module, in a few minutes you can import a CAD assembly, recover the corresponding parts quantities, launch the automatic analysis of geometric recognition of the assembly, verify or edit the data of the pieces and add operations for calculate the quotation. The assembly can also be used directly for the CAM preparation of the parts to be cut or punched with almaCAM.
    Assembly2CAM is the most complete and versatile assembly import tool on the market thanks to the full power of CAM software for the new generation AlmaCAM sheet metal work and the integration of Alma's most advanced algorithms and components.

    - Metal.Millenium ERP: ERP integrated in the AlmaCAM solution in which the integration has been improved and updated the accounting module adapted to the new regulations in force.