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Suntec Maquinaria Técnica SL

Suntec Maquinaria Técnica SL



SUNTEC Technical Machinery sells machine tools for industrial finishing processes where high quality is required.
Exclusive representative in Spain of SUNNEN, leader in precision burnishing machines of internal diameters.
We offer all-inclusive Supplier Service, our technicians advise you throughout the process of burnishing, installation and life of each system, with a quality after sales technical service and a warehouse with a large stock of burnishing consumables, serving more than 1,400 machines sold throughout Spain.
And if the industrial process requires cleaning of parts, SUNTEC offers a wide range of environmentally friendly washing systems, from machines for washing aviation components or bogies as well as for the final precision washing required in the automotive and hydraulic industry.


Product news

  • The first external honing machine

    SUNNEN's first generation of external honing machines has been developed to meet the continuously increassing demands of the industry. Workpieces in the offshore, energy production and aviation sectors are exposed to extreme environments. Therefore electroplated hardchrome or plasma-spray coated surfaces are in operation. The new Xtreme Hone Machine cuts nearly all advanced materials without trouble, next to mild steel.