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Pixel Sistemas S.L.

Pixel Sistemas S.L.



In Pixel Sistemas we work in the field of design software and PLM and additive manufacturing, with a high technological value and extensive experience of 20 years in implementing PLM solutions.

Our team of 24 highly qualified professionals works hand in hand with the client, offering technology to transform their innovation process.

We have more than 1,200 clients in sectors such as machinery, consumer, automotive, aeronautical, educational, etc.

We give more than 40 specialization courses in the products we sell and take part in numerous events and fairs throughout the year. In addition, we have the largest showroom or exhibition of 3D printers in the State.


Product news

  • Desktop Metal 3D Printer Studio System

    Desktop Metal Impresora 3D Studio System


  • Stratasys Serie F123

    Spectacular performance ...! And so easy to use!
    The Stratasys F123 series of 3D printers requires less knowledge and experience, while meeting the expectations and needs of more advanced rapid prototyping.

    Outstanding in all stages of the prototype design process, from concept ideas, through verification of complex designs, to high quality functional prototypes.

    Enhanced 3D printing capabilities include:
    a new user interface,
    remote printing monitoring,
    built-in camera,
    automatic calibration,
    an enhanced software experience with GrabCAD Print,
    Easy and automatic material change.

    All of them make the Stratasys F123 series of 3D printers one of the easiest-to-use yet powerful 3D printing platforms for demanding business environments.