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Global Design Technologies, S.L. offers Global Access Solutions in more than 26 industrial sectors. Our team that works actively to find the best solution that suits your needs with our closures and industrial fixings. The technical advice, the continuous search for added value and the idea that we can always find a solution, helps us to always maintain a high degree of empathy with the needs of our customers.

As Authorised Distributor of the leading companies Southco, Sugatsune, KIPP and Accuride, we can provide a high-quality standard series and a wide range of products such as:

- Electronic and mechanical latches (compression, cam, impact)

- Inserts, weldable bolts and insertable nuts

- Operating parts and standard elements (grips, toggle clamps, levers, etc.)

- Positioning technology (hidden hinges, friction, lift assist systems)

- Articulated arms and screen supports

- Clamping technology

- Captive screws and quarter turn solutions

- Telescopic slides


Product news

  • Access control of the future has arrived

    Southco's R & D development opens a new path in the control and supervision of wireless access with the new EA-BT with integrated Bluetooth technology.

    The EA-BT controller from Southco is the solution for the control and integral and remote supervision of access to electronic closures without the need to wire a network, or install or maintain any software. Connected to a secure platform in the cloud, the EA-BT allows Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and tablets to be used as a credential to wirelessly activate smart closures. Also, the authorizations and permissions are completely customizable, so that the administrator can easily configure parameters such as access times, authorized profiles, etc.

    This system is fully compatible with all Southco electromechanical latches and its different versions offer the possibility that a single controller can operate different locks.

    In summary, this new Southco controller provides the following added values:

    - Bluetooth®-based system with secure multi-level coding
    - Wireless control that allows a simple installation without maintenance
    - Managed with the VIZpin® solution, based on the cloud: no software to buy, install or maintain. Total control of the permits without the added costs of maintaining your own system.
    - Possibility of including the customer's logo on the housing
    - Time-based credentials for easy remote access management
    - Intuitive and user friendly interface.
    - Practical access thanks to its reading from more than 9 meters away
    - Easy supervision thanks to its access audit trail

    Therefore, the sum of these characteristics makes the Bluetooth controller an ideal option for any access control. Some of the most suitable sectors for their use are: medical equipment, enclosures and racks, industrial machinery, Self-Service and Vending or smart lockers.

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  • Awafast, the new line of industrial fixings of Global-DTech

    We are pleased to present Awafast, our new line of products. Inserts, weldable bolts, threads... a wide range of industrial fasteners that are essential in most of our customers.

    In our constant search for added value and facilities for our customers, Global-DTech has decided to expand the services and products we offer. With its complete range of products and years of experience, Awafast is a leading supplier in the manufacture and distribution of inserts, threads, inserts, rivets and welding bolts. Its ISO 9001: 2015 certification guarantees that all internal processes meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

    As the Exclusive Distributor of Awafast in Spain & Portugal, we can supply all kinds of fasteners manufactured according to international standards. Our products are produced with high quality materials ranging from zinc plated steel or aluminum to stainless steel for the most demanding applications.

    A simple but fundamental product

    Throughout our trajectory alongside our clients, we have detected that a large part of the sectors in which we work require constant and sustained large amounts of industrial fixings. These small elements may seem simple but they seem essential in any type of application in which the metal sheet is present in some way. In this way, we decided to extend our customer support from the design and supply of products with high added value and complexity to the most basic elements that make up the application.

    Present in sectors such as metal processing, rail, aeronautics, land transport, medical equipment, Self-Service and Vending ... these subcomponents are the perfect complement to our products from Southco, Sugatsune and Accuride and allow our customers to unify suppliers, thus optimizing the use of their resources and reducing logistics costs.

    If you want more information, come and meet us at MetalMadrid 2018 or, if you prefer, call us at 902 36 15 02

  • Southco POS technology, safe bet

    The new Star 2031 POS, consisting of a screen and printer, is the third generation of the best-selling terminal of Pari Mutuel Computing, a leader in developing solutions for the POS sector for betting.
    Its objective? Innovate and surpass its predecessors.

    The challenge: comprehensive renovation

    The challenge was to avoid the risk of pitching the touch screen. In addition, the printer cover needed a hinge that allowed a more reliable and efficient paper replacement.

    Because a large number of terminals are installed in pubs and bars, another priority was to require the least possible maintenance and save labor costs.

    The solution: Southco Positioning Technology

    These products offer ease of use, safety, ergonomics and constant performance throughout their long life cycle.

    In the case of the screen, Southco's response was a modified version of the successful Display Mount AV-D25 with integrated torque technology, which ensures that there are no variations in stability even if different pressures are applied.

    The printer cover was no longer a problem thanks to the E6 hinge of the 600 Series of constant torque. With integrated friction technology, it allows to firmly hold the lid at any opening angle, facilitating access to the inside of the printer.

    The results

    An improved aesthetic thanks to the hidden mounting of the positioning elements, total ergonomics and ease of use are the new hallmarks of the screen and printer set. And with the guarantee of a product that will always offer the same performance.

    The range of Southco subcomponents for Vending and Self-Service is very wide: mechanical closures, all kinds of hinges, closures, electronic access, quick access for panels ...

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  • Southco for Vending, security and aesthetics

    The challenge: Halo, high standing Vending

    The Mathew Algie company serves its high-quality roasted coffee and machines to the hospitality industry since 1864. However, due to the growth of the Vending and the Self-Service they have decided to bet on this thriving sector with a new machine, the Halo. And to have the best results in security, style and design, they had Southco electronic access systems.

    The solution: Southco R4-EM electromechanical closures

    Southco, goes a step further in accessing the interior of the machine with an electronic locking system instead of the traditional means. The advantages are obvious: greater security, RFID access control, completely hidden installation of both the closure and the reader, the possibility of manually unlocking in case of voltage drop…

    The best solution? Combine the R4-EM Series 2 closures with the EA-P1 RFID card reader; Thus, only technicians with the cards configured for each machine could access and in case of loss or theft of the card, they can be removed immediately and easily. No need for physical keys or tools.

    Southco's electronic access solutions easily adapt to any pre-existing network or system. The inclusion of a mechanical cancellation system by means of an AC-70 actuator and an actuator cable allows the machine to be opened when there is no current.

    With this great advance, Mathew Algie is in a very advantageous position in a market as competitive as Vending and Self-Service, where innovation is very important. The ability to adapt our closures provides for an effective and effective integration into the systems of the future.

    The range of Southco subcomponents for Vending and Self-Service is very wide: mechanical closures, all types of hinges, quick access for panels ...

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  • Máquinas recreativas: el reto de la seguridad

    In constant evolution, the market is increasingly committed to providing added value through security and the gaming machine sector is no stranger to this process without losing competitiveness and adapting to new regulations.

    They know it well in the leading group Novomatic in recreational machines, which has had Southco technology to take a step forward in the reinforcement of critical elements such as the safety and resistance of their machines.

    Novomatic needed a secure closure system against theft and vandalism but whose operation would be comfortable and would not affect the aesthetics of the machine.

    The solution: the R4 series rotary closures

    These reliable impact closures are increasingly successful among the leading manufacturers of self-service and Vending equipment as an integral part of their security value proposals.

    Thanks to the comfort of the impact closure, the R4s allow to secure the panels with ease, guaranteeing an effective and resistant closure. Its hidden installation increases its security by not offering attack points outside while improving the design.

    Southco solutions not only improve security and access, but also contribute to a better design.

    Electromechanical closures, ready for the future

    Southco has developed an evolution of the mechanical rotating R4 by integrating an R4-EM electromechanical lock into a secure and remote electronic access control system.

    Thanks to the intelligence of the R4-EM, the closure can be operated by a PCB controller, allowing access to the inside of the machine only when authorized personnel must work on it.

    Its robust construction and hidden installation allow the R4-EM to provide great resistance and its manual operation prevents the closure from being inoperative in case of voltage drop.

    If you want more information, contact us or, if you prefer, call us at 902 36 15 02


  • Racks más ordenados y accesibles con las soluciones de Accuride

    The slide DZ2807

    The DZ2807 slide has been designed for 1U (4.5 mm / 1.75 "high) 19" rack units, as well as for servers, keyboard trays, fan trays and 2U servers (height 3, 5 "). With a loading capacity of up to 45 kg, it allows an extraction of more than 100%.

    It provides greater access to the technicians who carry out the maintenance operations, since they will have an incomparable access to the interior. The front disconnect device allows servers to be easily disarmed if a more complicated procedure is needed.

    The organizer DZCC5AD

    Easy to install and suitable for slides up to 700 mm, the DZCC5AD organizer is a cable management arm suitable for 2U and above units. Its concertina design in the form of "V" takes better advantage of space, while its pin anchor allows easy separation of the chassis in case of having to disassemble the server.


  • Sugatsune TB Handles: ergonomics and resistance

    A handle is usually one of the most basic parts of an application but it is also one of the most interacting parts, which makes it a critical point for any design.

    It must be robust, but also ergonomic and comfortable for operators who use it several times a day; To all this, many other features are added like hostile environments, need for sanitation with corrosive products ...

    The Sugatsune Engineering Department has compiled all these requirements from different industrial sectors to develop the TB range of handles based on the Beautility concept. This idea is based on the combination of Toughness ("resistance" in English) and Beautilty (beauty and utility) to shape handles that combine the best design with functionality, providing added value not only in aesthetics, but in comfort of employment and adaptation to each application.

    Its enormous versatility and multiple options allow that there is a TB Handle suitable for applications of a huge range of different sectors: medical equipment, rail, aeronautics, special vehicles, industrial machinery ...

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