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ITA Aquateknica S.A. - AQ instruments



In AQ instruments we have been working with the highest technology for more than 30 years, improving the work processes in a large number of industries for the measurement of color, light, temperature and shape. We represent and give exclusive service in Spain to Konica Minolta, Verivide, Artec 3D and Datapaq.

We have the most innovative equipment in the sector, in order to meet the highest quality standards in a wide range of industrial and educational processes, from quality control, metrology, cataloging or reverse engineering, among others.

Our equipment guarantees savings in costs and time in a wide variety of sectors. We also have a technical service certified by Konica Minolta for optimal maintenance and repair of measuring instruments, and keep them as well as the first day. A set-up by specialists to maintain the best performance and results according to standards.


Product news

  • Artec 3D launches Artec Studio 14 with improvements for Quality Control

    With the Artec Studio 14, users can now directly export an unlimited number of open and closed contours in polyline format to SOLIDWORKS or other CAD / CAM applications. The new version of Artec Studio allows new cutting-edge 3D modeling capabilities, such as: the elimination of brightness that uses advanced PBR algorithms (physical representation) to produce uniform color surfaces, as well as Bridges, a feature that allows Users repair holes naturally in the scans using the existing geometry of the scans.

    The president and CEO of the Artec 3D firm, Artyom Yukhin, said during the presentation of the new version of the firm's native software: "The new Artec Studio 14 is compatible with Artec's entire line of 3D scanners allowing our users to digitize smaller objects, such as valves or motor connectors, to super tanks with metrological grade precision. In addition, all our new software features lead to a more intuitive user experience for everyone in any industry, from quality inspection to CGI and 3D printing. "

    Advanced 3D modeling with automatic brightness elimination

    Artec Studio 14 includes the option to automatically eliminate brightness based on PBR along with its portfolio of color capture functions. The elimination of brightness is a manual task that consumes a lot of time and that the new version of the software has been able to completely automate.

    In addition, users can adjust the level of reflections with a few clicks and see how the vibrant color of an object is restored, saving hours of work for applications such as 3D printing or CGI. To further ensure that a model represents the actual color, a new Auto Dynamic Brightness feature will automatically adjust the brightness to optimal levels during the preview of the scan.