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48157 Münster

Since 1947, WEICON GmbH & Co. KG has been producing speciality products for the industry in Germany. The range of products includes special adhesives and sealants, technical sprays and high-performance assembly pastes and greases for all areas of industry - from production over repair up to maintenance. Another field of activity is the development, sales and distribution of stripping tools under the brand WEICON TOOLS.
The company headquarters is located in Münster, Germany. WEICON has subsidiaries in Dubai, Canada, Turkey, Romania, South Africa, Czech, Singapore and Spain and is represented by WEICON partners in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Product news

  • In the forefront of further education - WEICON well-positioned

    German manufacturer of adhesives and sealants WEICON is an international chemical company with a strong focus on the further education of its employees.

    Since 2004, the company has a cooperation with the German Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research (IFAM) in Bremen. WEICON employees travel regularly to the Hanseatic city in order to attend a training in the most important field of WEICON - the bonding technology.

    Meanwhile, 60 employees have attended a course in Bremen and can call themselves European Adhesive Bonder or European Adhesive Engineer. This means, half of the staff has been trained successfully to become bonding experts.

    WEICON specialists can benefit from their knowledge in many industrial fields, be it the professional advise for customers or the research and development of new products. This strengthens the ability of the company to keep going for a long time.

    According to the IFAM in Bremen, WEICON employs - in relation to the total number of employees - the highest number of experts in the field of bonding technology. This is an essential difference to most competitors where the number of especially skilled workers is by far not as high.

    “The success of the training is not only verified by the certificates of the IFAM but also by the feedback of our satisfied customers. If they have questions, they receive always professional advise from our experts,” says Ralph Weidling, CEO of WEICON.

    “With the training of our employees, we prevent the threatening lack of professionals and ensure the sustainable future of our company,” explains Weidling.


  • Adhesives and sealants for the industry - The WEICONLOCK® product line

    With the WEICONLOCK® range, WEICON GmbH & Co. KG offers a line of anaerobic adhesives and sealants that can be used in many industrial sectors. These products not only lock or secure screw connections, they are also suitable for fixing cylindrical joints or for sealing flanges and threaded pipes and fittings. One example is WEICONLOCK® AN 305-77 – a universal sealant for tubes and threads.

    In industrial applications, metal adhesives are used for securing, locking and sealing many different kinds of joints.
    WEICONLOCK® products are anaerobic adhesives and sealants that differ in strength, temperature resistance or viscosity, a term that describes the flow characteristics of a material. These adhesives are liquid plastics that harden in the absence of air.

    They are easy and fast to apply and economical in use. At room temperature, WEICONLOCK® cures to handling strength within a few minutes and to final strength within a few hours.

    With the patented PEN system, these adhesives and sealants are easy to dispense and guarantee a clean processing. All products of the WEICONLOCK® line are resistant to changing temperatures, chemicals and solvents as well as to high vibration and impact.


  • Weicon still on a growth path - New branch office in Spain

    The manufacturer of adhesives and sealants Weicon has founded its eighth foreign branch office. After Dubai, Canada, Turkey, Romania, South Africa, Singapore and the Czech Republic, Madrid, the capital of Spain, is now one of the locations of the family owned German company.

    Weicon Ibérica S.L.

    Weicon Ibérica S.L., that is the official name of the new branch office, is located in the Spanish capital Madrid. The city is the ideal starting point for economic activities. The subsidiary is managed by the local Managing Director Alejandro González Cámara.
    "In the last four years, we've been working very well with Alejandro. He worked for us as an Area Sales Manager in Spain. By setting up our new branch office, we want to strengthen our position in the Spanish market. We are looking forward to a very promising future on the Iberian Peninsula", said Ralph Weidling, Managing Director of Weicon.

    Weicon in Spain

    "Spain has always been an interesting market where we have been operating for a long time. The country is one of the largest industrial nations in the world and it is very important for us to be there. The most important economic sectors in Spain are the automotive industry, metal and mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and the food and beverage industry. These areas are growing steadily and show good growth figures. Thus, Spain offers a strong sales market for our products. With our new branch in Spain, we want to use this positive situation", Weidling added.

    Spain – a strong economic partner

    The economy of Spain is the 12th largest economy in the world. Some of the country's most important industries are metalworking, mechanical engineering, agriculture and petrochemical industries. The most important export and import partners are France and Germany.

    Bilateral economic relations

    Spain and Germany combine very close economic relations. Germany is Spain's second largest trading partner after France. In the case of imports from Spain, Germany is still in first place ahead of France.

    More than 1,300 German companies operate subsidiaries in Spain. Together with Spanish sales partners of German companies they are an important factor in the Spanish economy. According to the statistics of the Deutsche Bundesbank, the business activity of German branches in Spain secures more than 200,000 jobs in the Kingdom.