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With an annual sales volume of more than 410 billion yen (about 3.5 billion euros), YASKAWA is a world-leading manufacturer of servo drives (Sigma-7 Series), inverter drives (such as the GA700), and Motoman industrial robots. Founded in 1915 in Japan, the company’s philosophy has been based on the principle of highest quality for more than 100 years, making YASKAWA a global leader.
The wide range of YASKAWA’s business activities covers drives (inverters), motion control (AC servo motors and drives, machine control), robotics (industrial robots and robotics systems), systems engineering (medium voltage inverters, generators, converters), and information technology (software-based products). VIPA GmbH in Herzogenaurach, which specializes in visualization and process automation, has also formed part of YASKAWA since 2012. Furthermore, YASKAWA acquired The Switch Engineering Cooperation, which does business in the wind turbine sector, in October 2014.
This makes YASKAWA one of the few global companies able to supply components and solutions for almost all industries from a single source.
Extensive investments in research and development have yielded numerous inventions, patents and innovations. These technological aspirations have enabled the Drives & Motion and Robotics divisions to achieve a leading market position in various industries including manufacturing systems and plant engineering (packaging machines, pumps/compressors, textile machines, digital printing machines, cranes and hoisting gear, equipment for semiconductor and electronics production, machines for producing and processing wood, glass, metal and stone) as well as lift, automotive, assembly and handling technology. The uses for Motoman industrial robots include robot-based welding, laboratory automation, packaging and handling, as well as automated painting.
Today, YASKAWA Europe GmbH, based in Eschborn near Frankfurt, operates the divisions Drives, Motion & Controls (automation, drives and control technology), Robotics (industrial robots) and Environmental Energy – and services the markets of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the region of the former Soviet Union.


Product news

  • Yaskawa presents its new ArcWorld RS & HS series: less space, more output

    These new welding cells are ideal for replacing or supplementing manual welding, e.g. for the assembly prior to welding in a larger robot cell. Moreover, with ArcWorld RS & HS it is possible to double the outpur, with half of the preparation time.

    The new serie is composed of two different cells whose main difference is the space they occupy, although the two are characterized because they are small. While the ArcWorld Mini RS measures 2.25 m2, the ArcWorld Micro HS measures 1.3m2.

    ArcWorld is a range of robot welding cells from Yaskawa with a CE mark that have one or two workstations. They are designed for fast start-up and high productivity in small work areas, offering a level of automation and flexibility that dramatically increases production.

    ArcWorld offers the possibility of fast changes in production, both in large and medium series. One of its features is that being on the platform are easy to relocate to factory facilities in case production needs change.

    The work stations are ergonomically designed to improve the work of the operator. In this way, the working height is correct when the parts must be loaded or unloaded.