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Industrias Enrique Galán

Industrias Enrique Galán


08019 Barcelona

Founded in 1947 with the aim of providing accessories for the machine tool. During these more than 70 years we have maintained service, reliability and seriousness. At present, our activity is divided into the manufacture of our own products, the development of automations for high production machines and the distribution of the best brands in the market. With facilities of 1,000 m2 located in the center of Barcelona where we produce, store and distribute throughout the national market to meet the needs of the metallurgical sector.
Own production:
Clamps for lathes (fixing, advance, loader, etc ...), accessories for machine tools, development of production machines, transfer machines for machining, Actra lathes reconstructed with PLC and touch screen as distribution of products related to the metallurgical industry .
It is the exclusive distributor of:
Giovanni Cucchi: Loaders for single-spindle and multi-spindle lathes. 3nine: Oil mist separators.
Technomark: Machines to mark by dot pen.
JBO: Thread gauges with quality certificate. Rows
Poliangolare: Elements for broaching.
Hartner: Cutting tools: Drills, strawberries, males.
Rime: Strawberries
Churchill: Cutting tools.
Debus: Liquid and solid industrial vacuum cleaners
Kintek: Motorized tools