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3800-587 Aveiro

ROBOWORK has the concern to satisfy all types of businesses and individuals in the context of Industrial Robotics.
Founded in 2013 in Aveiro - Portugal and with extensive experience in the robotics world, the Robowork team is the right answer for the development, assembly and commissioning of robotic projects, from standard cells to custom cells in various industrial applications. In addition to the development and implementation of robotic projects, it has retrofitting services for robots, cells or robotic applications that are obsolete for new industrial operations. Consulting services, certified training, service and technical support for the installed solution are also part of Robowork's range of services.
The distribution of technologically differentiated products for robotics applications, such as well-known SCHUNK accessories, FERROBOTICS force applicators or KASSOW collaborative robots, is an important complement to the many solutions developed by Robowork.