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Bystronic is a leading global provider of high-quality solutions for the sheet metal processing business. The focus lies on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain. Bystronic’s portfolio includes laser cutting systems, press brakes, and associated automation and software solutions. Comprehensive services round off the portfolio.

The company headquarters are located in Niederönz (Switzerland). Three additional development and production locations are located in Gotha (Germany), in Tianjin (China), and in Shenzhen (China). Bystronic is actively represented by its sales and service subsidiaries in more than 30 countries and has agents in numerous other countries.

As a reliable partner, Bystronic stands for high-performance innovations, local expertise, and service excellence.


Product news

  • Bystronic unveils new fiber laser in China

    (July 2018)

    World première at the “China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition” (CIMES) in Beijing. Here, for the very first time, Bystronic presented the new generation of BySmart Fiber. The new laser cutting system opens up the full potential of fiber laser technology to customers in the entry-level segment.

    Suspense was high on June 26 on the Bystronic booth at the CIMES in Beijing: Gisela Ronchi, Head of Global Marketing, and Song You, President of Bystronic Group China, unveiled the new BySmart Fiber. With the new generation fiber laser cutting system, Bystronic is opening up the full potential of fiber laser cutting to sheet metal processing companies that want to gain a competitive edge with innovative cutting technology: A high parts output, a wide spectrum of applications, suitable automation solutions, and all this at an entry-level price. For the time being, the BySmart Fiber will be available with this performance package only in China.

    The Chinese market for sheet metal processing is growing. There is an increasing demand for new technologies. Producers rely on manufacturing solutions that allow sheet metal parts to be processed as efficiently as possible and at the same time in a high quality. These are precisely the requirements that the BySmart Fiber solves for the laser cutting process step. With the BySmart Fiber, users launch directly into fiber laser cutting technology without high investment barriers or lengthy detours. The new machine platform achieves excellent cutting results thanks to state-of-the-art Bystronic technology. At the CIMES in China, the world’s third largest trade fair for machine tools, the visitors were able to experience first-hand how this works.


  • RoboCup 2018: Robotics team among the top 5

    (July 2018)

    At this year's world championship of intelligent robots in Canada, the Swiss hftm.team.solidus took 5th place and thus asserted itself among the world's best robotics specialists.

    After days of intense competition, the robotics team of the Higher College of Technology Mittelland (HFTM) concluded the RoboCup 2018 in 5th place. This year in Montreal, Canada, approximately 4,000 participants from 35 countries competed with their robots in various disciplines. In spite of a very strong preliminary round, in which the Swiss robots won five of the six competition sequences, the team did not make it to the semi-finals.

    However, they can be proud of how they applied Swiss precision to achieve a place among the top five of the global robotics elite. In the logistics discipline, the Swiss robotics team has been one of the top contenders for several years. In 2014 (in Brazil) and 2017 (in Japan), the team finished in third place, and in 2015 (in China) and 2016 (in Germany) they even won the silver medal.

    We are both proud and pleased about the successful participation of hftm.team.solidus in the RoboCup 2018 and congratulate all team members.


  • Best choice deal: Longlife nozzles now in the web shop

    (July 2018)

    Cutting with outstanding quality for longer without changing the nozzle. Bystronic developed the new generation of cutting nozzles for precisely these requirements. Now you can discover our longlife nozzles at a 20 percent price discount in the web shop.

    Bystronic presents the latest generation of cutting nozzles. The specially developed longlife nozzles distinguish themselves through a longer service life, which Bystronic achieves by using a special alloy for the nozzles. Cutting tests carried out by Bystronic’s development engineers have shown that this high-quality alloy reduces the wear on the nozzle, even when cutting with the highest laser output power. In addition, the new longlife nozzles are more resistant against the adhesion of cutting particles and film residues. A decisive advantage when it comes to long-term cutting in high quality with fewer nozzle changes.

    In the “HK” version, the new longlife nozzles are available for all of Bystronic’s CO2 and fiber laser cutting systems with screw-fitted nozzles. For users, the transition to the new longlife nozzles is simple. All the existing cutting parameters on the laser cutting system can continue to be used with the longlife nozzles.

    Best choice deal: Benefit from our special web shop offer until October 31, 2018. Simply log on, select the suitable longlife nozzles, and benefit from the 20-percent discount.

    You haven't used our web shop yet? Registration is quick and easy. Here you can order your spare parts and consumables conveniently and at any time in the future.


  • Bystronic World 2.2018

    The smart revolution, the superuser generation.


  • Lunch appointment with Wu Shun-Chun

    (August 2018)
    Bystronic supports customers in Taiwan with the latest technologies and more recently also with an Experience Center. This benefits small and medium-sized enterprises such as Wan Yue Steel.

    If you have a lunch appointment with Wu Shun-Chun and the drive to Taoyuan, just outside Taiwan's capital Taipei, takes a little longer than planned, there is no need to worry. “I can eat later, it doesn't matter,” the co-founder of Wan Yue Steel says on the phone. “The main thing is that my workers take their breaks on time. They are what is most important for the company.” In second place, he could probably mention his machines from Bystronic. Five laser cutting systems and a bending machine are currently processing sheet metal in his factory. This year, Wu plans to purchase three or four additional machines, including the latest generation fiber laser cutting system ─ the first 10-kilowatt Bystar Fiber in Taiwan.

    “Since our founding in 1996, I have always invested profits in new machines,” Wu says. And he wants to continue investing to ensure that Wan Yue Steel remains one of northern Taiwan's largest sheet metal processing companies in the future. Walking through his factory hall, which was opened at the beginning of 2018, Wu chats with his employees about every detail of the production process – no wonder, until 2010, he regularly operated the machines himself.

    From farmer's son to factory owner
    Uncomplicated, hands-on, and responsible for everything, this is Wu Shun-Chun – he is a typical representative of Taiwan's sheet metal industry with its 3,000 mostly medium-sized companies. The 53-year-old embodies the economic boom during which the 23 million inhabitants of the small island worked their way up into the ranks of the world’s leading economies. Today Taiwan has a GDP of approximately 600 billion dollars, which is higher than that of many much larger countries.

    “My parents were farmers,” Wu says. “I didn't even go to high school. I started working in a factory when I was 16.” At 31, Taiwan's economy was booming, he founded Wan Yue Steel together with his brother and uncle. They still run the company together. Instead of three machines they now have 25, instead of 14 employees 100. The family-owned enterprise produces control cabinets, elevator panels, running boards, or window frames. Wu does not want to become dependent on just a few major customers, like the Taiwanese contract electronics manufacturer Foxconn is on Apple. He prefers to produce a variety of products in limited quantities for many different customers. For example kitchen equipment for the coffee specialist Starbucks and the chicken giant KFC. Wan Yue Steel's largest production series to date were 80,000 cabinets for the state-owned energy supplier.


  • EuroBLECH 2018: World Class Manufacturing

    (August 2018)

    With new solutions for sheet metal processing, Bystronic takes you to the top of the competition. Discover live, the very latest industry trends and experience our innovations for your manufacturing environment. Visit Bystronic at EuroBLECH 2018 in Hanover.

    What are the benefits of intelligent automation solutions for your laser cutting and bending processes? In what direction is sheet metal processing developing thanks to the possibilities of digital networking? What opportunities are new software and service solutions opening up for more in-depth process optimization and even more efficient production management? And how can you make meaningful use of flexible cutting and bending systems to respond to changing job situations whenever necessary? The answers to all these questions lead to new solutions that enable you to manufacture your products faster, more cost-effective, and more intelligently than ever before.

    Integrated automation: The next stage of automation will be cross-process systems that act intelligently. Automation that goes beyond just the individual process step. This allows a continuous production flow to be created. This is the highest level of productivity that your production can achieve.

    Networked production: Machines, individual process steps, and production parts merge into a network of intelligent components. Within a networked production environment, these components have the capability to mutually coordinate and optimize each other. These are the foundations for new and even more efficient value creation in your sheet metal processing operations.

    Flexible system solutions: Until now, there was always a trade-off between fast and flexible. Now, the latest generation of our cutting and bending systems is expanding the rules of the game. In future, you will be able to produce small series or individual mass-produced products at conditions similar to standardized high-volume series.

    Smart services: With increasing networking and automation, process reliability and preventive maintenance of all the integrated systems is becoming more important than ever. Upstream and downstream manufacturing steps are interdependent. New service solutions help you increase the efficiency and process quality of your production.

    All this is packed into “World Class Manufacturing”: Visions are the basis for innovations that enable us to sustainably optimize your process landscape. Discover the new opportunities. Visit Bystronic at EuroBLECH.

    What: Laser cutting, tube and profile processing, bending, automation, software, services
    When: October 23 (Tuesday) to October 26 (Friday), 2018
    Where: EuroBLECH, Hanover (Germany), Hall 12, Booth B66


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