1. Where and When is MetalMadrid 2019?

Feria de Madrid - 27 & 28 Novermber 2019

From 10:00am to 6:30pm

2. How to get there?

Check our practical guide about how to get at Feria de Madrid.

3. Has IFEMA parking?

Yes, Ifema offers different Car parks around the halls, please check the car park nearest to the North entrance: 


Real- 2,25 €

Prepaymernt - 10,00 €

Maximun - 16,50 €

To speed up the collection of vehicles from their parking facilities, IFEMA has installed ticket machines in every lot.

4. When the registration will be opened and how can I get my ticket?

The registration will be openend in April and you will be able to take your online ticket for free. If you will arrive at IFEMA without your online registration, you will have to pay for the entrance.

Online registration: Easy, fast and free. Please, subscribe to our newsletter and we will notify you when rthe registration will be opened.

Onsite registration: If you forget to register online at MetalMadrid, Don't worry! you can buy the ticket at the IFEMA north access, 30€ per day. 

5. How can I pay my ticket onsite?

We really advice to get your ticket online for free. Anyway, you can pay your ticket with credit card or cash. American Express and bills of 100€, 200€ and 500€ arenot allowed.

*Tickets can´t be refunded.

6. I have bought an online ticket. How can I get inside?

Important, the North Gate is the main access of the show. Print your ticket and take it along with you to MetalMadrid. When you get there, choose the line “I have a ticket” and we will give you your smart badge.

7. How does Smart badge work?

Forget your business cards at the office. With your Smart Badge you can collect all the exhibitor´s information and the exhibitors will get your personal details.

8. Can I get back inside once I´ve been outisde?

Yes. Only have to show your smart badge to the security people when you want to go back inside.

9. I am studient, can I access to the event?

MetalMadrid 2019 is a professional event, but if you are student and you are interested to visit to the event, you can do it coming with your school or university. For more information, contact us: metalmadrid@easyfairs.com.

10. Is there a cloackroom service available? What is the price and the schedule?

Yes, there is a cloackroom at the entrance of each pavillions.

Price: 1,65€ by cloth, and 3€ by big package.

Schedule: 10:00am-6:30pm.

11. Are there ATMs in IFEMA?

Yes, inside to IFEMA you can find Bankia ATM and Banco Santander ATM.

12. Are there restaurants in IFEMA?

Yes, inside IFEMA you can find different gastronomic offer, discover it here.

13. Can I be accredited as a press?

Yes, you must present your press card or document certifying that you work in a communication medium. and you will can be able to do the register online or onsite.

Remember You have to exchange your ticket for your smart badge or smart badge in the registers that will be located in the north access.