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Global Design Technologies, S.L. offers Global Access Solutions in more than 26 industrial sectors. Our team that works actively to find the best solution that suits your needs with our closures and industrial fixings. The technical advice, the continuous search for added value and the idea that we can always find a solution, helps us to always maintain a high degree of empathy with the needs of our customers.

We can provide a high-quality standard series and a wide range of products such as:

- Electronic and mechanical latches (compression, cam, impact)

- Inserts, weldable bolts and insertable nuts

- Positioning technology (hidden hinges, friction, lift assist systems)

- Articulated arms and screen supports

- Captive screws and quarter turn solutions

- Telescopic slides


Product news

  • Access control of the future has arrived

    Southco's R & D development opens a new path in the control and supervision of wireless access with the new EA-BT with integrated Bluetooth technology.

    The EA-BT controller from Southco is the solution for the control and integral and remote supervision of access to electronic closures without the need to wire a network, or install or maintain any software. Connected to a secure platform in the cloud, the EA-BT allows Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and tablets to be used as a credential to wirelessly activate smart closures. Also, the authorizations and permissions are completely customizable, so that the administrator can easily configure parameters such as access times, authorized profiles, etc.

    This system is fully compatible with all Southco electromechanical latches and its different versions offer the possibility that a single controller can operate different locks.

    In summary, this new Southco controller provides the following added values:

    - Bluetooth®-based system with secure multi-level coding
    - Wireless control that allows a simple installation without maintenance
    - Managed with the VIZpin® solution, based on the cloud: no software to buy, install or maintain. Total control of the permits without the added costs of maintaining your own system.
    - Possibility of including the customer's logo on the housing
    - Time-based credentials for easy remote access management
    - Intuitive and user friendly interface.
    - Practical access thanks to its reading from more than 9 meters away
    - Easy supervision thanks to its access audit trail

    Therefore, the sum of these characteristics makes the Bluetooth controller an ideal option for any access control. Some of the most suitable sectors for their use are: medical equipment, enclosures and racks, industrial machinery, Self-Service and Vending or smart lockers.

    If you want more information, come and meet us at MetalMadrid 2018 or, if you prefer, call us at 902 36 15 02


  • Awafast, the new line of industrial fixings of Global-DTech

    We are pleased to present Awafast, our new line of products. Inserts, weldable bolts, threads... a wide range of industrial fasteners that are essential in most of our customers.

    In our constant search for added value and facilities for our customers, Global-DTech has decided to expand the services and products we offer. With its complete range of products and years of experience, Awafast is a leading supplier in the manufacture and distribution of inserts, threads, inserts, rivets and welding bolts. Its ISO 9001: 2015 certification guarantees that all internal processes meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

    As the Exclusive Distributor of Awafast in Spain & Portugal, we can supply all kinds of fasteners manufactured according to international standards. Our products are produced with high quality materials ranging from zinc plated steel or aluminum to stainless steel for the most demanding applications.

    A simple but fundamental product

    Throughout our trajectory alongside our clients, we have detected that a large part of the sectors in which we work require constant and sustained large amounts of industrial fixings. These small elements may seem simple but they seem essential in any type of application in which the metal sheet is present in some way. In this way, we decided to extend our customer support from the design and supply of products with high added value and complexity to the most basic elements that make up the application.

    Present in sectors such as metal processing, rail, aeronautics, land transport, medical equipment, Self-Service and Vending ... these subcomponents are the perfect complement to our products from Southco, Sugatsune and Accuride and allow our customers to unify suppliers, thus optimizing the use of their resources and reducing logistics costs.

    If you want more information, come and meet us at MetalMadrid 2018 or, if you prefer, call us at 902 36 15 02