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26 - 27/09/2018

Jeanologia Láser

Jeanologia Láser


ES-46007 Valencia

In 1993, Jeanologia was founded by Jose Vidal & his nephew Enrique Silla in Valencia (Spain).

By that time, they foresaw a company where industry innovation, human values and teamwork were to become the primary columns. They united their dream with professionals with over 30 years of experience in laser technology, and decided altogether to offer laser solutions with the maximum cost-effectiveness.

Today, Jeanologia is a multicultural / multilingual company with more than 120 technical and creative people with one common passion: innovation.

Located in Valencia (Headquarters), Barcelona (laser production factory) and Izmir (service & development center) Jeanologia is today composed by a team with abroad experience in laser and eco-efficient technologies.
From our 1700 m2 Production Center, we have developed some of the most revolutionary industrial laser machinery in the world.

This has been done not only for the textile industry but also for all kinds of applications in any industrial sector.
Currently Jeanologia is a world leader in the textile sector and is present in all industrial sectors where the laser has a place. We have an extensive network of subsidiaries and distributors spread all over the world. More than 5,000 machines manufactured guarantee our good work and our passion for laser technology.


Product news

  • Jeanologia will manufacture the jeans of Levi Strauss & CO for the whole world

    The twenty years that the Valencian company Jeanologia has been investing in research to achieve the most ecological and advanced processes of the market as far as cowboy production is concerned, have not been in vain. The firm Levi Strauss & Co has relied on the Spanish firm for the global manufacture of its product, becoming in this way technological partners to contribute to the "detoxification" of the textile industry. With the combination of Jeanologia, ozone, laser and e-flow technologies, the company enables the transformation of the textile industry.

    In addition, with the application of the technologies of Jeanologia in the production of Levi's, the Valencian company demonstrates that it is possible to completely eliminate the use of potassium of permanganate, a chemical that was contaminating two million workers in the world, thus taking care of the health of employees, another of its objectives. The innovations of Jeanologia also manage to go from "hand-made" to "made with our technologies", further deepening in this objective.

    On the other hand, with the advanced technology of Jeanologia it is possible to improve the speed of the commercialization, bring the final decisions of the product to the consumer and strengthen the leadership in sustainability. With this initiative Levi's redefines the future of how "jeans" are designed, made and sold.

    It is a new operating model that introduces the finish of denim in the digital age. This advance allows the leading company of «jeans» several advantages. On the one hand, replace manual techniques and automate the process of manual finishing that requires a lot of time, labor and chemical substance. For more than 30 years, the textile apparel industry has used manual finishing to accentuate the worn and faded denim elements. By using lasers in new ways, the finishing time is drastically reduced; Two to three pairs of "jeans" per hour at 90 seconds per garment, plus one final wash cycle.

    In addition, digitally finished garments can be created. By digitizing the process of design and development of the finish, the designers of LS & Co. can create finishes and final garments with a revolutionary new tool for creating images. This advanced capability reduces design time and finishing development by half (from months to weeks and sometimes days) and is so precise that digital files can be sent directly to the supplier and quickly scale to mass production.

    And most importantly, it eliminates thousands of chemical formulations from its supply chain: LS & Co. plans to reduce the total amount of chemical formulations used in its finishing process from thousands to a few dozen. This is a great step forward in the company's commitment to achieve zero spills of hazardous chemicals by 2020 and promotes its goal of being pioneers in more sustainable clothing

    But this is not the only reason why Jeanologia is in luck. Its CEO, Enrique Silla, received the Ernst and Young (EY) Award for Innovation last week.

    Since the firm was founded in 1993, its mission has been to create an ethical, sustainable and eco-efficient textile industry through its disruptive technologies and its "know-how". It currently has clients in five continents and the export of its machines and services represents 90 percent of its turnover, internationalizing its products to 60 countries.