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Feria de Madrid
Madrid, Spain
26 - 27/09/2018





"Our present would not be understood, without taking into account our past."

Our beginnings place us in the emerging Madrid of the 60s, an important industrial cradle of Spain. The idea is original, it arises to cover the needs of the industrial fabric where the subcontracting of the welding processes or unions that are present in most of the fabrications can fit. The idea is to integrate WoJ as part of the productive process of our customers. WoJ has the productive means and human resources to satisfactorily meet the demand.

• Commercial department, responsible: Cristóbal Zugasti
• Technical Department, responsible: Jesús Sánchez
• Logistics Department -administration: responsible Beatriz Simons
• Production department, responsible: Antonio Castillo
• Quality Department, responsible: Alberto Martínez.

From the team of WoJ with extensive training in the industrial field, we will attend them from the initial contact, we will continue with the study, development (project-tooling) industrialization processes and we will initiate the welding-union of the series.

The main achievement we can use is the acceptance of our auxiliary offer of welding -union in the demanding manufacturing industry of components for first automotive equipment, understanding that it is directly based on our rapid response and on the quality and precision of our productive and control.

• Robotic section of MAG-MIG
• Section brazing ovens and treatment
• Electric welding section in press and puncher
• Laboratory of destructive and non-destructive tests
• Logistics means - its location, it's not a problem-

The founding spirit remains a constant and being present:
The full satisfaction of the client.