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Valuekeep GMAO

Valuekeep GMAO


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Valuekeep is a CMMS software solution provider that can help you manage and organize your company’s assets more efficiently.

We count with a team of highly skilled professionals that have over 20 years of combined experience in developing CMMS solutions. We are truly passionate about maintenance, and we work hard every day to ensure that you have access to the best-in-class CMMS software that fits your needs and expectations.

With Valuekeep, maintenance has never been so easy. With a 100% cloud-based solution and mobile apps, you can always access and manage your assets wherever you are. Some of the other benefits including:

• facilitate assets tracking
• improved return on assets
• uninterrupted business operations
• and much more…

To find out more about our CMMS software solution, then visit us today on www.valuekeep.com

Valuekeep, maintenance made easy.

Product news

  • Valuekeep launched mobile app for iPhone and iPad

    The Valuekeep team has developed the Work Report module of the Valuekeep Mobile for the iOS operating system, with the aim of covering the entire range of mobile devices available in the market.

    Valuekeep Mobile, which already had a version for Android and Windows 10, now has a new application of the Work Report* module for users with Apple devices.

    With the launch of this first module, one of four available in Valuekeep's mobile offering, the company reached all the maintenance professionals and technical teams in the field, making available to them the possibility to view all their jobs, report on costs, consumption, labor, internal requests, as well as creating new work orders whenever necessary, anywhere.

    The development of the remaining modules for the iOS operating system is planned for the first quarter of 2019, with the next launch being the Maintenance Request module.

    * Work Report is available for all users with Valuekeep and Valuekeep Mobile subscriptions.


  • Valuekeep launches geolocation features for mobile CMMS application

    The Valuekeep team continues to develop new features to improve the mobile CMMS application - an add-on to Valuekeep's maintenance management solution - with the main objective to become an essential and functional tool for maintenance teams in the field.

    The geolocation and map features are the latest features of Valuekeep Mobile. This technology allows technicians to register assets and locations as well as access all work orders assigned to them from the map viewing. In addition, maintenance managers can view the location where each technician carried out the last maintenance work, which gives them an overview of the geographical availability of each maintenance expert on the ground.

    For Maintenance Services Providers, Building Management, Renewable Energy and Transportation and Logistics businesses, the new features of Valuekeep Mobile are particularly important, especially for those that have technical teams in the field managing a number of maintenance operations across several locations. By having access to this type of features, maintenance teams can, for example, easily locate the sites and send technical assistance immediately to the right location, by using the drag & drop option.

    With this, we understand that geolocation significantly improves the efficiency of maintenance operations and the productivity of technical teams in the field.

    The Valuekeep Mobile app is available for smartphones (Android ®, Windows 10 ® and soon available for iOS ), tablets and computers.

    Check out all the new features that geolocation has added to Valuekeep Mobile modules:

    Asset Management
    Navigation on Google Maps to find directions of assets or locations. This functionality is crucial for maintenance service providers that have multiple customers across multiple locations.

    Work Report
    Integration with Google Maps navigator so that technicians are able to know the directions to the asset or location (essential for customers who have multiple locations or who serve multiple customers).
    Ease of access to work order-related information from the map view.

    Work Management
    Assignment of work orders to maintenance technicians through the drag & drop option on the map.


  • Valuekeep introduce a new maintenance dashboard library to add-on offer

    Valuekeep Analytics is a new add-on that features an interactive dashboard library accessible from anywhere.

    Valuekeep announces the release of Valuekeep Analytics, a new add-on featuring a powerful library of dashboards that provide real-time reports on Assets, Costs, Issues, Work and Spare Parts directly from the company's maintenance software. This new product adds value to the decision making of maintenance managers, as well as facilitates the control of all the performance indicators of the maintenance department.

    Built and processed with Microsoft Power BI, Valuekeep Analytics offers 5 fully interactive and easily accessible maintenance dashboards from anywhere, for both web and mobile views.

    In relation to the Assets Dashboard, the maintenance manager can access more detailed information on the type of failures and the availability/unavailability details of each asset.

    On the other hand, in the Work Dashboard, there is the possibility of controlling all the activity of the technicians and work centers, based on data from the reports related to the hours worked and work orders executed of each one.

    The Issues Dashboard allows the maintenance manager to analyze maintenance requests by location, by asset or by priority level. It also indicates the status and type of incident in question.

    In the new version, Valuekeep has been dedicated to the creation of a Costs Dashboard where managers can find not only reports on the costs of maintenance operations during a certain period of time but also the costs per asset. This dashboard allows managers to search for all expenses by type of maintenance, labor, among others.

    Another great feature is the Spare Parts Dashboard that contains simplified information on all consumptions of spare parts in stock. These indicators provide maintenance managers with a more accurate view of the costs of parts used and, in the same way, make it easier for them to manage their stock.

    All maintenance dashboards and KPIs comply with international maintenance standards (Maintenance Key Performance Indicators EN 15341:2007). The new add-on is available exclusively for the UNIVERSE subscription plan, for an additional £15 per month.

    Please www.valuekeep.com/valuekeep-analytics for additional information, or watch the short video below about our new add-on.


  • Valuekeep launches new Asset Management module on mobile offer

    Valuekeep announced the launch of an improved version of the Asset Management module, available now on Valuekeep Mobile with the main goal of improving and centralize all the asset management work.

    The new Asset Management solution comes as an upgrade to Valuekeep's mobile application (that already includes modules of Maintenance Request, Work Management, and Work Report) with innovative features designed to make the management and inventory of assets much easier and simpler everywhere.

    Both asset managers and technical teams now can view assets by location (also on the map), as well as create new assets and add new locations. In addition, it is possible to generate barcodes or QR codes that can later be prepared through a printer connected to the application via Bluetooth.

    Another innovation launched with this module has to do with the reading and registration of assets by RFID and NFC tags that assure all the users the easier reading and identification of each asset in the field. With this new module, maintenance managers can also add relevant asset information to the assets file as well as attachments (user manuals, security documents, etc.).

    The new Asset Management module ensures more detailed and effective management of all assets, equipment, and locations:

    • Identification and registration of assets, equipment, and locations on site;
    • Ease of assigning new assets to locations and vice versa;
    • Access to all asset information registered by the asset manager;
    • Reduction of the use of paper in the operations of registration of assets, equipment, and locations.

    Together with these features, the new module has a new design and layout to adapt to Valuekeep Mobile template, and it’s available for Android and Windows 10 devices.

    To know more about Valuekeep Mobile and its modules, please visit our page on www.valuekeep.com/mobile-cmms
    * Users who already have access to Valuekeep Mobile application will from this release have access to this new module.


  • Release of new and improved reporting features on Valuekeep

    At Valuekeep, we know that the data entered into our maintenance management software is a source of knowledge that cannot be undervalued. Therefore, we are committed to improving our standard data analysis features so all users are able to access all the information through more practical, accessible, relevant and always available reports to assist maintenance managers and technical teams in their daily work.

    With the release of our latest version, Valuekeep v2.64 (released on March 25), we have upgraded our standard reporting offer, including a number of visual enhancements and new customization features. From now on, whenever you need, it is possible to extract all the relevant information without taking hours to prepare a report.

    What are the key improvements in reporting functionality?
    • New design and layout of all standard solution reports;
    • Easy customization of all reports with the company logo;
    • Ability to print any view or list on Valuekeep, allowing even the visualization of any information added by the user;
    • Ability to editing, cloning, sharing and exporting to different formats (eg pdf).
    • Personalizable Reports

    New standard Work Order (WO) analysis reports
    The Work Order analysis reports, which include an Operational Work and a Work Report report, went also undergone several improvements in terms of design and layout.

    From now on, it is possible to access the information of each WO in a quick and simple way, as well as to use the tools of personalization of the WO forms to include (or even exclude) fields that are important for the work analyzes of technicians, locations, and teams.
    With these new reports, we guarantee to our users the access to all the information of all WOs in a more simple, detailed and customized way.

    What are the advantages for maintenance management teams?
    • Print, share, or export any view or list, including user-modified lists, in an improved custom format;
    • Print, share or export the operational or work report maps from any Work Order;
    • Edit and clone WO reports for a more detailed analysis.

    Find out more about this new Valuekeep standard offer in the following video: