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Feria de Madrid
Madrid, Spain
26 - 27/09/2018




3830-252 ILHAVO

Our more than 35 years in the business makes us a leader in the automation and robotics market. Our growth strategy is based on research and development, and on the continuous improvement of our products and processes, to meet the specific needs of each one of our clients. Motofil provides a wide range of turnkey technological solutions allowing the companies to improve their manufacturing processes in the fields of cutting, welding, handling, etc., with high precision, quick duty cycles, obtaining significant gains in productivity. We are located in Ílhavo, Portugal, in an industrial park of 260,000 sqm, in which we built facilities to make our production flow independent and optimized. We have a team with approximately 270 employees, specialized in various areas of expertise. We invest in internationalization, by frequently exporting to countries like Spain, England, France, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Turkey, China, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and we are currently working to expand to new markets.