Options to highlight

Feria de Madrid
Madrid, Spain
26 - 27/09/2018

In MetalMadrid 2018 we offer you exclusive sponsorships and advertising options as well as different possibilities that enable you to stand out in order to ensure that your company obtains the maximum visibility and promotes your brand.

Official sponsor of the event


Become an official sponsor of the event and give your brand a presence, not only the two-day fair, but also 365 days a year. You will have visibility as a sponsor in all our marketing actions before, during and after the Show.

Advertising possibilities


Featured exhibitor, delivery of advertising material at the entrance of the event, advertising in columns, advertising at height, shoulder straps, catalogue advertising, IFEMA parking tarpaulins… Contact us to see the different possibilities we offer you to stand out your brand in the event.

Contributor of the event


Make your logo the hallmark of one of our conference rooms and reach all the visitors who assist to our conferences.


Who is not thinking about a break while walking around more than 22,000 sqm that constitute the halls 2 and 4? Promote one of the bar of the event.


Visit our DEMO AREA with your brand and promote one of the most dynamic and favorite areas of our visitors.


Promote your company incorporating your logo in the lanyards carried by our visitors.


An App that put the whole content of the event at the service of exhibitors and visitors, the perfect tool for visualizing your brand.


Put your brand in the hands of all asisitants!Your logo will be in the bags we distribute between the visitors and include inside them your own promotional material.