Artexis Easyfairs Benelux launches Health&Care cluster


Over the past few months, Artexis Easyfairs has been working very hard to make a strong entry in the Belgian healthcare sector. It launched Soins&Santé in Namur, became a co-organiser of Dentex and acquired HealthCare, Expo60+ and Autonomies. The event organiser wants to adapt its new cluster to meet the needs of nursing homes, hospitals and other institutions, such as prisons, shelters, boarding schools and day schools. The cluster is also made to suit the changing Belgian institutional landscape. Catherine Degreef was appointed head of the new Health&Care cluster. She reports directly to Christine Van den Berghe, Head of Event Unit.

The launch of the Health&Care cluster added a number of trade fairs to Artexis Easyfairs' existing portfolio. Soins&Santé was organised at Namur Expo for the first time in April 2014. The acquisition of Claude Michel Promotion (CMP) also made Artexis Easyfairs Benelux a co-organiser of dentistry event Dentex. The acquisition of the HealthCare and Expo60+ events from Probis was also completed in October. Artexis Easyfairs' final new trade fair is Autonomies for persons with a disability, their families and their professional framework. This final acquisition strengthened the recently established healthcare portfolio even further. In 2015, Soins&Santé will take place in Namur from 5 to 6 March and Expo60+ will be held in Mechelen from 7 to 9 October.

"Artexis Easyfairs' investment in healthcare trade fairs is a strategic choice with two objectives," Christine Van den Berghe explains. "Firstly, we want to respond to the increasing social importance of healthcare and quality of life for the over-50s, a phenomenon that is closely linked to the ageing population. Secondly, we want to adapt our trade fairs and our range to the Belgian institutional landscape. By developing the Health&Care cluster, which includes regional fairs (Expo60+ in Mechelen, Soins&Santé in Namur and Autonomies in Liège) as well as national fairs (HealthCare and Dentex in Brussels), Artexis Easyfairs is responding to recent institutional reforms giving the regions in Belgium more powers in terms of healthcare and care for the elderly".

As Head of Health&Care, Catherine Degreef is at the helm of this new cluster. She has a lot of trade fair organisation experience and led Artexis Easyfairs' construction cluster for several years previously. Catherine will ensure a proper transfer of her tasks and will be responsible for organising the trade fairs in this new cluster. Catherine Degreef: "I have accepted this new challenge with a great deal of enthusiasm. By developing this cluster, I mainly want to play a supporting role for the actors in the Belgian health sector." The contacts for the Health&Care trade fairs are Dominique Opdebeeck (Sales Executive for Expo60+ and HealthCare), Nadine Duchesne (Sales Executive for Soins&Santé and Autonomies) and Catherine Bernaerts (Exhibition Manager Dentex).


From left to right: Catherine Bernaerts (Exhibition Manager), Jean-Thomas Leplat (Head of Business Development Wallonia & BENL), Dominique Opdebeeck (Sales Executive), Catherine Degreef (Head of Health&Care Cluster), Christine Van den Berghe (Head of Event Unit), Nadine Duchesne (Sales Executive), Hervé Hasquin (Head of Events).