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Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
21 - 22/02/2018




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Product news

  • Fixturlaser Level - 2 axis Inclinometer with Blue Tooth Communication to be connected to the Fixturlaser NXA

    Fixturlaser Level - 2 axis Inclinpometer - measurement range +/- 25mm/m, Accuracy 0,01mm/m - with Blue Tooth Communication

  • Just arrived - the new Shim App from ACOEM!

    Just arrived - the new Shim App! Go for the foc Shaft Alignment Assistant that supports you with calculating the right amount, thickness and size of shims needed for your job. Download and try now ...


  • NEST i4.0 – premier Condition Monitoring Software from OneProd

    Predictive maintenance is a powerful leverage of competitiveness for all industrialists. As its benefits are now undeniable, it is involving different people within the same company, working together on the same data, but at different steps of the process.

    NEST i4.0 is a powerful and productive tool to drive the predictive maintenance approach. It can be managed even without specific vibration knowledge as it includes an automatic setup based on machine kinematic description. In addition, the ACCUREX analysis method offers the possibility to get automatic diagnosis.
    For the vibration specialist, it is a way to save of lot of time as he can focus on machines which really have the need for more attention from the expert. For a real straight forward and efficient analysis, the NEST software offers a variety of unique diagnosis tools:
    • The Health Matrix
    • Shock Finder Index (SFx)
    • Harmonix Index (HMx)
    • Merged spectrum


  • Fixturlaser Runout Probe - the perfect accessory to your Fixturlaser NXA

    Fixturlaser Runout Probe is a battery-powered measuring probe that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to Fixturlaser NXA display unit.

    The Fixturlaser Runout Probe can be used for operations like:

    - Axial and radial runout checks on flanges
    - Checking movements on machine feet (soft foot)
    - Liftcheck
    - Checking movements due to pipe strain
    - Thermal growth on machine casings
    - Eccentric or skewed mounting of coupling hubs
    - Checking bore shafts