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Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
21 - 22/02/2018




85737 Ismaning

PRÜFTECHNIK AG is one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality testing and measuring systems, as well as services for industrial maintenance and quality assurance. Since 1972, the company with its more than 500 employees has continued to develop, manufacture and market pioneering products and solutions for laser optical alignment, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing of semi-finished metal products. Based on many years of experience in diverse industries, processes and applications, PRÜFTECHNIK offers its customers tailor-made concepts to increase the availability and profitability of machinery and plants along with high product quality assurance.

Misalignment in rotating machinery is a problem that occurs frequently. Well aligned machine trains can permanently lower both system operating and maintenance costs. As the inventor of laser optical shaft alignment, PRÜFTECHNIK offers not only shaft alignment systems, but also solutions for numerous geometric measurement tasks. These include, for example, measuring the straightness of guide rails, the flatness of foundations and surfaces as well as the alignment of bores and turbine elements. The product portfolio is rounded off with measurement of roll parallelism and online monitoring of geometric changes of rotating machinery in real time.

An important prerequisite for a trouble-free production process is the ability to plan machine downtimes. Condition monitoring makes it possible to measure, analyze and reduce increased vibration and loads. The product spectrum ranges from online oil particle size distribution counters and handheld data collectors for vibration analysis and field balancing to multi-channel, permanently installed online systems for continuous monitoring of large machine parks. A professional diagnosis and visualization software rounds off the product mix. Experts for machine diagnosis are available for on-site troubleshooting and telemonitoring. The telediagnosis center was certified in 2007 by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) as one of the first in Germany. The successful repeat audit was conducted in 2012.

Automated testing for quality and process assurance is a core component in the manufacture and finishing of semi-finished metal products. The product forms tube, rod and wire are tested with eddy current or flux leakage methods. The business area PRÜFTECHNIK NDT offers a broad spectrum of solutions for both methods, from simple sensors to test instruments and even turnkey systems, including design, planning, construction and startup.

With subsidiaries and sales partners in more than 70 countries, the PRÜFTECHNIK group is guaranteed to have a location close to customers in all branches of industry.



Product news

  • SONOCHEK Ultrasonic testing device

    SONOCHEK Ultrasonic testing device for leak detection Next-generation leak detection with SONOCHEK Large frequency bandwidth: 20-100 kHz Leak analysis, evaluation and instant reporting Built-in camera, microphone and speaker Airborne and structure-borne sensors included. SONOCHEK is a digital ultrasonic testing device to detect inaudible waves and frequencies in the air or in a metal machine frame. It is primarily used to detect leaks in any industrial


  • ROTALIGN Ultra iS - the Alignment intelligent system

    Save money through optimal alignment of rotating machinery

    Preventing misalignment of rotating machinery bears an enormous potential for increasing efficiency and decreasing plant energy consumption and running costs.
    reducing machine downtimes
    increasing energy efficiency of machines
    greater productivity


  • VIBGUARD portable - Advanced Condition Monitoring on the Move

    VIBGUARD portable provides mobile troubleshooting for specialists:

    Portable machine diagnosis system
    Lightweight and quickly to install
    IP 64 rated
    Sturdy Aluminum case
    20 synchronous measurement channels
    Continuous data recording
    Various configurations available
    Optional industrial PC integrated


  • Turning vibration data into knowledge

    Get to the root of your machine problems with VIBGUARD Viewer 1.1

    ISMANING – January 23rd 2014 – VIBGUARD Viewer, the software platform for the VIBGUARD family of online condition monitoring systems by PRÜFTECHNIK, now comes fully geared for complex machine diagnosis. Introducing many powerful new features, VIBGUARD Viewer 1.1, the new software update helps unveil your machinery’s most hidden secrets.
    Orbit Analysis enables determining the root-cause of atypical shaft orbit movements, for example on turbomachinery and reciprocating compressors. By simply connecting a VIBGUARD to an existing real-time protection system, VIBGUARD Viewer processes the readings from the already installed displacement sensors into useful information to diagnose the exact cause of a problem.
    With the full Modbus (TCP/ RTU) Support, VIBGUARD can be seamlessly integrated into your production processes. Signals from VIBGUARD can easily flow to the PLC, and process parameters monitored by the PLC can travel to VIBGUARD for in-depth analysis and diagnosis. Combining machine parameters such as temperature, RPM or torque with vibration data, this full bidirectional communication not only gives you the big picture of your machines, but you can also access more complex analysis when a problem arises.
    The optional feature Event Recording serves as your machinery’s black box. When an alarm is triggered, VIBGUARD records all relevant data, even the signals before the alarm occurred. Up to 22 channels – including key phasors – are written into a FIFO memory. Pre and post-trigger duration as well as the sampling rate can be configured. This way, VIBGUARD collects useful historical information to help identify the cause of an event and take the corresponding corrective actions. Perfect for catching transient events and understanding why they happened, this feature is the ideal tool for monitoring and evaluating production-critical parameters like, for example, torque in the drive trains of cement mills or vessels.
    VIBGUARD Viewer 1.1 is available through your local PRÜFTECHNIK partner. Standard features are included free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

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    The PRÜFTECHNIK group, with subsidiaries and partners in more than 70 countries worldwide, is continuing to set new standards with innovative technical developments in the sectors of laser alignment and vibration measurement technology to maximize and optimize machine and plant availability.

    Web: www.pruftechnik.com

    Contact for public relations:
    Anne-France Carter
    Tel.: +49-89-99616-235

    Oskar-Messter-Str. 19-21
    85737 Ismaning, Germany


  • Troubleshooting out-of-the-box

    Mobile troubleshooting for specialists with VIBGUARD® portable
    ISMANING – October 07, 2013 – Compact, portable, rugged - enclosed in a sturdy aluminum case comes the latest trouble shooting device VIBGUARD portable by PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring.
    VIBGUARD® portable is ideal for vibration experts to conduct short-term analyses and diagnoses with a high-end measurement device. The combination of VIBGUARD® and mobility enables users to optimally conduct targeted troubleshooting even on machines that are critical for production and have highly dynamic processes.
    At the core of the portable equipment is the proven VIBGUARD® online monitoring system, which continually and simultaneously records machine signals on 20 measuring channels. All VIBGUARD® components are built into a case and are ready to use. Thanks to its optimal heat dissipation, VIBGUARD® portable (protection class IP 64) is suited for a wide temperature range and weighs as little as 11 to 14 kg depending on the configuration.
    VIBGUARD® portable conducts measurements completely autonomously, i.e. the system measures and saves relevant data even without a PC. For even greater flexibility in both data storage and implementation time, an industrial PC can be integrated into the case. The VIBGUARD® Viewer software is used to configure the measuring tasks and evaluate the data collected.
    “In the field, we are faced with new challenges every day. With VIBGUARD® portable, we now have a versatile and powerful measuring system that makes on-site troubleshooting and diagnoses faster, more flexible and more efficient,” explains Dr. Edwin Becker, head of the PRÜFTECHNIK Service and Diagnostic Center.
    With VIBGUARD® portable, PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring has expanded its portfolio of online systems for condition monitoring. Together with its well-established portable measuring instruments, PRÜFTECHNIK provides plant operators and service providers with a large supply of measuring equipment to effectively optimize machine availability.

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    The PRÜFTECHNIK group, with subsidiaries and partners in more than 70 countries worldwide, is continuing to set new standards with innovative technical developments in the sectors of laser and vibration measurement technology to maximize and optimize machine and plant availability.

    Web: www.pruftechnik.com

    Press contact:
    Anne-France Carter
    Tel.: +49-89-99616-235

    Oskar-Messter-Str. 19-21
    85737 Ismaning, Germany

  • VIBGUARD - Advanced Condition Monitoring

    VIBGUARD sets new standards
    Combination of Online Condition Monitoring and Process Monitoring

    Fast, synchronous and reliable – the new
    online system from PRÜFTECHNIK. VIBGUARD continuously and simultaneously records the machine signals on 20 channels and converts them to overall readings, spectrums or time signals. This comprehensive and continuous data acquisition provides much valuable information on the machine condition. It facilitates monitoring especially in the case of rapidly changing operating conditions and combines condition monitoring and process monitoring.
    Fast processors, intelligent algorithms, a high degree of modularity and flexibility make the system a very powerful monitoring and diagnostic tool. The measuring channels can be configured flexibly for the individual application and can be equipped either for Current LineDrive or ICP sensors and/or current- or voltage-supplying sensors. Two tacho/pulse inputs are available for RPM-based measurements. There are four digital inputs and four digital outputs for control signals. Communication and transfer of measurement data take place via Ethernet, TCP/IP and Modbus TCP. The newly developed PC software VIBGUARD Viewer is used for visualization and analysis of the measurement data and for configuration of the monitoring routines. The VIBGUARD base unit is designed for
    installation on standard C-rails. An industrial protective housing is available on request.



    VIBGUARD is PRÜFTECHNIK latest generation of online systems:

    VIBGUARD provides real-time condition information.
    VIBGUARD means protection for your critical assets.
    VIBGUARD is the perfect system for your machines and production facilities!

    VIBGUARD - a new level of Online Condition Monitoring that for the first time allows critical machines with highly dynamic processes and complex monitoring tasks to be included in a reliability-oriented maintenance schedule.

    The facts about VIBGUARD:

    20 synchronous measurement channels
    Continuous data recording on every channel
    Tachometer pulse channels for triggered measurements
    Automatic check for sensor and cable defects
    Digital inputs and outputs
    Networkable (Ethernet, Modbus TCP)
    Compact and robust
    No active cooling required


  • ROTALIGN Ultra iS - Next generation of Alignment Systems

    PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment Systems GmbH will be presenting their latest product, ROTALIGN Ultra iS (intelligent System), at this year's Maintenance Dortmund. This intelligent laser shaft alignment system consists of the proven ROTALIGN Ultra computer and the next generation sensALIGN sensor. The new product facilitates quick, easy, and therefore more precise machinery alignment, consequently enhancing machine efficiency as well as reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

    Rotalign Ultra iS offers unparalleled system accuracy and precision. The infinite measuring range is capable of handling gross misalignments and measuring long couplings. The 7-axis sensALIGN sensor with its high definition position sensitive detector (HD PSD) will master practically any possible measuring task.

    intelliSWEEP, the intelligent high definition measurement mode, provides for the intelligence in the sensor. During shaft rotation an extremely large number of measurement data will be recorded automatically and continuously – a much more precise and refined method compared to measuring procedures only focusing on three positions. At the same time, the user will receive information on the quality of the measurement. In case of disruptive interferences such as inadmissible coupling backlash or vibration influences from adjacent machinery, the system provides further hints on how to obtain better measurement data. "The intelligent sensor actively supports the user by detecting and eliminating errors automatically. sensALIGN thinks proactively and analytically, and evaluates the quality of the measuring results upon completion of the measuring process.", says Michael Stolze, Managing Director of Prüftechnik Alignment Systems GmbH.

    Measurement of vibration has been integrated in the sensor enabling the user to perform vibration check measurements before, during and after the alignment process.

    The Bluetooth module transfers data directly from the sensor to the operating computer. Sensor and laser communicate via an individual laser pulse telegram. Any relevant status information, such as rotational angle position or battery status, will be transmitted.

    Aside from high precision technology, focus has also been placed on an appealing and functional design for simplified handling and operation. High-performance rechargeable batteries allow for continuous sensor operation of up to twelve hours.


  • VIBXPERT II - Even more flexibility

    PRÜFTECHNIK will be presenting a great variety of practical innovations and improvements to the users of the VIBXPERT II family. With their upgrade to version 3.20, condition data can now be collected safely and conveniently via modular measuring point multiplexers. Up to 6 of these modules, comprising a total of 54 accelerometers, are controlled fully automatically – measurements are taken and the results are then stored in the device. A special limiting device even allows for data collection in hazardous areas.

    Together with their new upgrade, PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring will be introducing their new VIBXPERT II Balancer: a device particularly designed for balancing. In addition to its balancing function the Balancer provides vibration analyses, resonance tests and phase measurements to support the diagnosis of an imbalance and to determine the optimum operating conditions for the rotor.
    The VIBXPERT II Balancer may be upgraded to FFT data collection and diagnostic capabilities at any time – it only takes a password.
    The new Excel report module offers greater flexibility in documenting and archiving the results. Any measurement data collected may be exported to a well-structured and editable report in Excel format and transferred to a PC.


  • The winning team - New Alignment product portfolio

    Under the motto “The winning team” the new product portfolio of PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment Systems GmbH will be presented at Maintence Dortmund. Key data include:
    SHAFTALIGN is now also available with wireless data communication;
    OPTALIGN smart RS offers the standard functions with the advantages of 5-axis sensor technology;
    ROTALIGN Ultra iS, the high-end laser alignment system using sensALIGN.

    All systems are based on established PRÜFTECHNIK product quality. Precision and intuitive controls provide for reliable data and user-friendliness – starting from Active Clock measuring mode in SHAFTALIGN through to the intelligent ROTALIGN Ultra iS with the 7-axis measuring principle. The modular design of the measuring devices allows system configuration as required and enhancement of capabilities as job demands grow.



    Redefining the standard for laser shaft alignment. The system sets new standards within the shaft alignment entry level segment

    SHAFTALIGN combines simplicity of operation with precise measurement and state-of- the-art technology. Its backlit TFT colour display and the computer’s built-in display light sensor optimizes image quality and the device power management.

    The system's intuitive auto-flow capability guides the user progressively to determine the machinery alignment condition. The innovative "Active Clock" measurement mode collects automatically the laser coordinates for the corresponding shaft position. Only 3 to 4 readings over a rotation angle of less then 70° are required to achieve a precision alignment. All relevant alignment results are presented in one screen including the alignment status evaluation via "Smiley" and LED.

    SHAFTALIGN is expandable to more powerful features as alignment requirements demand. The system offers a variety of options generating and archiving alignment measurement reports through the freeware ALIGNMENT REPORTER PC software or the direct saving of reports as PDF to a memory stick.


  • OPTALIGN smart RS

    The Real Sense in machinery alignment
    OPTALIGN smart RS is packed with powerful functions for the alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange mounted machines. The system has been designed for industrial applications and can be used in extreme maintenance working conditions.

    OPTALIGN smart RS uses a single laser and a 5-axis sensor. The sensor contains two fully-linearized biaxial position detectors and a precision inclinometer. It can precisely measure relative shaft movement in five degrees of freedom. This measurement principle is the only one which allows 'Live Move' with concurrent monitoring of the vertical and horizontal machine corrections and with the sensor at any angular position.

    The SWEEP measurement mode
    The SWEEP measurement mode in this exclusive and patented measurement mode, data is automatically and continuously collected as the shafts are rotated. A shaft rotation captures a large number of measurement points to accurately determine the alignment condition.
    Measurement can start at any position and in any direction.

    Concurrent Live Move
    Monitor the machine corrections concurrently in both horizontal and vertical directions with the laser and sensor mounted at any angular position on the shaft.

    Wireless Communication
    OPTALIGN smart RS integrates an RF-module for convenient and flexible wireless data transmission.


Job ads

  • Condition Monitoring - Technischer Kundenberater - Extern (m/w)

    Im Bereich ‚Condition Monitoring‘ an unserem Hauptsitz in Ismaning bei München suchen wir ab sofort einen

    Technischen Kundenberater (w/m)

    Ihre Aufgaben
    - Zentraler Ansprechpartner für technische Kundenanfragen zu unseren Produkten
    - Organisation und kontinuierliche Überwachung temporärer Telediagnose-Services (TTS)
    - Durchführung von Trainings und Schulungen
    - Verwaltung und Pflege von Schulungsmedien und Demogeräten

    - Abgeschlossene, technische Ausbildung mit Schwerpunkt Elektrotechnik
    - Berufserfahrung im Umfeld technischer Serviceleistungen in der Industrie, bevorzugt im Bereich Instandhaltung und/ oder Messtechnik
    - IT-Affinität und gute Kenntnisse im Bereich Netzwerke und Datenbanken
    - Praktische Fähigkeiten im Umgang mit Niederspannungstechnik
    - Sehr gute Englischkenntnisse in Schrift und Sprache
    - Hands-on-Mentalität, Reisebereitschaft (Führerschein) sowie eine ausgeprägte Kundenorientierung

    Wir bieten Ihnen
    eine verantwortungsvolle, abwechslungsreiche Tätigkeit im Umfeld eines offenen und wirtschaftlich erfolgreichen mittelständischen Unternehmens. Es erwarten Sie kreative Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten mit flachen Hierarchien und kurzen Entscheidungswegen im Team, wo jeder Einzelne zählt. Flexible Arbeitszeiten und gemeinsame Mitarbeiterevents sowie Maßnahmen zur Gesundheitsförderung sind ebenso selbstverständlich wie eine strukturierte Einarbeitung und darauf aufbauende kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung unserer Mitarbeiter.

    Über uns
    Mit wegweisenden technischen Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der Laser- und Schwingungsmesstechnik für die Zustandsüberwachung und Verfügbarkeitsoptimierung von Maschinen und Anlagen setzt die PRÜFTECHNIK Gruppe mit 600 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern immer wieder neue Maßstäbe – zum Nutzen unserer Kunden in der ganzen Welt.

    Interessiert? Dann senden Sie bitte Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen, mit Angaben zu Eintrittstermin und Gehaltsvorstellung, an unsere Personalabteilung (job@pruftechnik.com). Für Fragen stehen wir Ihnen per E-Mail oder unter 089 / 99 616 – 166 gerne zur Verfügung. Wir freuen uns auf Sie.