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Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
21 - 22/02/2018

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH


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Product news

  • Process air with system - AERZEN develops an innovative modular system for large blowers

    AERZEN is known for setting standards relating to efficiency, robustness and durability. AERZEN now offers a wider range of process air stages by introducing the innovative large blower series “Alpha Blower”. Thanks to 104 model variants, this series provides a high degree of flexibility for numerious customer applications. It is always the right size!

    AERZEN large blowers are positive displacement blowers which can be applied virtually anywhere, convincing users worldwide by their quality, reliability and performance. These blowers reach volume flows of up to 77,000 m³/h at a maximum overpressure of 1,000 mbar and a maximum negative pressure of - 800 mbar. This blower series is ideal for demanding ranges and applications. These blowers are used for the production of gases and oxygen or in the cement, foodstuff and chemical industry for pneumatic conveyance of bulk material.

    With our Alpha Blower we want to raise the proven concept to a new level of efficiency and flexibility. You can refer to a type variation of 26 machines with only four different profile sizes due to the length modification of the cylinder. Furthermore, customers can select from a range of two and three-lobe rotors, as well as horizontal and vertical conveying directions, depending on the field of application and installation site. This increases the variety of models of Alpha Blower to 104 variants in total.

    The Alpha Blower proves to be particularly innovative with regard to measures for reducing pipe sound emissions: In case of three-lobe blowers, the proven technology of interference channels for pulsation attenuation is still used, whereby the outlet contour of the two-lobe version is designed completely anew. By the use of the multi-flow principle for reducing air turbulences via an integrated soft inlet, which reduces pulsations, the pipe sound can be significantly decreased. Thanks to the new AirSilence technology, even downstream silencers can be of smaller dimensions now. AirSilence works according to the principle of attenuation of differential pressure. Due to supercharging

    in the conveying chamber, the pressure is increased and the differential pressure is artificially reduced towards system side.


  • AERsmart - Machine control

    Even better performance in the aeration tanks
    Highest efficiencies for blower technology and load profiles are in line as well as most efficient operation of wastewater treatment plants - AERZEN new machine control system makes this possible.
    Approximately more than 70 percent of operating costs of a wastewater treatment plant are related to energy costs, arising when the aeration tanks are provided with air. The unique combination of AERZEN blower, turbo and hybrid technology has offered the best and most efficient solution in the industry until now. However, with AERsmart, the new control combination from AERZEN, performance can now be sustainably increased even further. With this new overall efficiency, which is very close to the optimum, additional savings of up to 15% can be achieved.
    The load operation in organic wastewater treatment plants is subject to considerable fluctuations. Effluent flows and the degree of contamination may vary depending on the region, the time of day, the day of the week, the time of year or the quantity of precipitation – and this variation can be quite significant. With its high-performance compressors Delta Blower, Delta Hybrid and Aerzen Turbo, AERZEN offers a unique portfolio for the oil-free oxygen supply of the aeration tanks for this field of application. Thanks to the diversity of product types, these three packaged units are tailored to the requirements specified by various plants. This combination guarantees a performance, which is designed to meet precisely the demand of changing load profiles - from base loads to supply peaks! Each technology, regardless whether it is a displacement machine or a turbo machine, has its strengths and weaknesses. With the focus on energy efficiency, the nominal point of the turbo blowers cannot be beaten. The control range is approximately between 40% and 100%. In case of part-load operation, turbo machines are less efficient. On the other hand, displacement machines, such as Delta Blower and Delta Hybrid are ideal for part-load operation. They are strong in high control ranges between 25% and 100% and have good efficiency, also in part-load operation. The advantages of using three high-performance technologies within a combined system are these: highest energy saving, best control range and lowest investment costs. Thanks to the savings of up to 30% and depending on the plant, the conversion pays for itself in as little as 2 years!
    The innovative machine control system AERsmart is the intelligent component, which arranges volume flows amongst the machinery in a mode that low, medium and high loads can be processed efficiently as per existing configuration, whereby the characteristic diagrams and the efficiency levels are integrated in the algorithm of the control system. As a consequence, the installed machinery is operated very close to the theoretical highest efficiency level. Even third-party products can be controlled via the overriding control system. AERsmart can arrange for the highest efficiency by a perfect interplay of up to 12 machines - for efficiency close to the optimum like never before.
    AERsmart operates as follows: The required oxygen volume is transferred to the AERZEN machine control system as setpoint value e.g. as 4-20 mA signal or via bus connection. AERsmart allows interaction of the existing machine configuration, leading to an oxygen supply of the aeration tanks along the required load curve in an efficient way like never before, very close to the optimum. AERsmart is the first master machine control system for the efficient combination of different machine technologies, no matter if the wastewater treatment plant is being operated with positive displacement machines or with turbo machines. Furthermore, unit data including pressure, volume flow, temperatures, energy consumption and fluctuating loads, as well as the machine data including service intervals, can be recorded sustainably and transferred to the control centre or other systems for further processing. So, changing requirements and possible ageing effects of the aeration system can constantly be monitored. This creates unprecedented transparency over the entire life cycle and provides the possibility for targeted measures.
    Finally, AERsmart also convinces because it operates fully in line with new guidelines from the DWA (German Association for Water Economy, Waste Water and Waste) for the energy efficiency and energy analysis of wastewater treatment plants. And besides, as an intelligent interface, it is already pointing the way to Water 4.0.


  • Bespoke noise protection: AERZEN relies on the advantages of reactive silencers

    With reactive silencers, AERZEN reduces the noise emissions on the discharge side of its screw compressors, positive displacement blowers, and rotary lobe compressors. The innovative concept of these reactive silencers is superior to classic dissipative silencers in many respects.
    The sound waves developing on the discharge side of a Delta Screw compressor made by AERZEN can reach 170 to 190 dB. Therefore, a downstream silencer is obligatory, same as with all customary compressors. The high frequencies of the sound waves lead to considerable vibration forces which have a damaging effect on the piping and the insulating material in conventional dissipative silencers. This so-called micro friction wears out the filter material over time and can damage even stainless steel in the long run. This leads to a reduction of the effectiveness of the silencer and to the erosion of finest particles. These contaminate the process air and can lead to hygiene risks for example in the foodstuff production or can clog the fine-pored aeration elements in the aeration basin of a wastewater treatment plant. Downstream filters have to be used, which lead to pressure losses, reduced efficiency levels, reduced energy efficiency and increased maintenance expenditure.
    The other way: neutralising instead of absorbing
    With the patented reactive silencers (EP1857682) AERZEN not only neutralised the noise, but also the above mentioned problems. A special piping system generates a defined counter-noise, which superimposes the sound waves with a certain delay and thus neutralises them. The sound conduction must be designed exactly for the corresponding sound source by means of varying pipe lengths and pipe diameters. AERZEN has mastered this feat perfectly, particularly as for conveying systems for process gases
    (Process Gas Division) the assemblies are designed especially for the corresponding application and the silencer is always an individual item. The concept is so convincing that AERZEN now also equips the directly driven screw compressors with
    reactive silencers. The perfectly tuned modules do not wear, are maintenance-free and correspond to international standards PED and ASME.
    The proactive ATEX concept already provides a TÜV certified solution. An integrated spark arrester avoids sparking over in the hazardous zone in a case of emergency. The installation of spark arresters on site can completely be omitted - a decisive advantage for the customer. These important components are manufactured by the subsidiary Emmerthaler Apparatebau. So, AERZEN achieves a high level of flexibility and quality, in particular for special customer requirements.


  • For highest-possible safety: Now AERZEN offers machine-monitoring in real time

    If the vibrations of a twin-shaft machine exceed the stipulated limit values, this possibly points to a technical problem as early indicators, a possible necessary repair or an overhauling. Consequently maintenance work can be planned ahead, unexpected failures, serious damages and high failure costs mostly prevented. Therefore Aerzener Maschinenfabrik now offers the permanent machine-monitoring “Delta Real Time Monitoring” after extensive field tests for the whole previous and the current program. This real time-system can be integrated but also retrofitted immediately. The manufacturer fulfills especially the request of unit operators in high quality procedures such as e.g. the process gas-technology. For this new development AERZEN even has developed with VDI new technical standards as the previous stipulations could not be used any longer.
    Delta Real Time Monitoring“ monitors the vibrations, pressure and temperature of the machine via sensors and can also integrate the AERZEN AERtronic-control. All measuring values of up to eight diagnosis units are combined in real time in one own switch cabinet and immediately transmitted by internet, ethernet or GSM-modem to a special server in the Aerzener Maschinen-fabrik where they can be retrieved at any time. Upon request a visualization is shown on the operator’s control room.
    The AERZEN service department checks the condition of the machine at least once a week and issues a report on the condition of the machine monthly, quarterly-, half- or yearly acc. to contract and makes proposals for a further safe and smooth operation. Upon exceeding the limit values the Aerzener Maschinenfabrik (if necessary also additional pre-determined persons at the operator) will be informed automatically by SMS or e-mail so that further measures such as e.g. shutdown, limited operation of the unit or employment of an Aerzen technician can be fixed. For the installed hardware and the monitoring service the operator pays a monthly fee for three years, afterwards only the reduced service fee. Outside the normal warranty by employment of AERZEN service personnel, the operator is charged with costs incurred by maintenance work and spare parts.
    With the new service Delta Real Time Monitoring the customer can count on highest possible reliability and a long lifetime of AERZEN machines at favourable costs.