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41812 Erkelenz

Schaaf – The Specialists for Hydraulic High-Pressure Tools
Superior and Flexible

For more than 35 years Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG is involved in the development and manufacturing of hydraulic high-pressure tools and hydraulic high-pressure components. The worldwide active company lives of its innovative solutions and convinces with excellent
quality. Schaaf employed about 110 employees at its headquarters in Erkelenz in 2018.

Since the company was founded in 1977, everything at Schaaf is about hydraulic highpressure technology. First it was just about screw tensioning devises, hydraulic nuts and its accessories. Today a variety of high-pressure tools are part of the product range for the
whole industry. The products from Schaaf find applications in all areas of engineering in the steel industry, civil engineering and structural engineering, in the chemical industry, at power plants as well as in the off-shore and on-shore technology.

The advantages of the hydraulic pretension mechanism tools come to use in all field of application. With the screw tensioning devises and hydraulic nuts, connections can be tightened with the highest degree of accuracy. During pure axial pretension force creation no torsion force occurs, the screws are not subjected to force and twisting does not occur. The list of further points, which speaks for an axial screw pretension, is very long. It contains a significant plus for safety and an ease to work with hydraulic systems.

Development Course

The development of the company went extremely fast in the past 10 years. Schaaf expanded the facilities of the production plant in this time frame by a factor of 20, the construction was increased by a factor of 3 and the amount of employees went from 6 to 130 from 1990 to beginning of 2018, which means it increased ten folded. The production runs 3 shifts on six days per week. The company has a vertical range of manufacture that almost reaches 100 % of the mark.

An important cornerstone of the company philosophy is the principle idea that a stable company politic produces trust. Management counts on the managing director Ralf Köllges, MBA to achieve consistent quality and a continuous improvement process.

Additional products like ExpaTen Bolts provide easy mounting and dismounting of drive shafts with flanges, while Griploc is doing the same for flangeless shafts. Both can transmit high end values of torque.

MSN Multiple Stud Nut is a new product range which generates axial pretensioning without hydraulic – instead it is using torque on many smaller bolts located round on the pcd of the nut.

Deliver Quality

At Schaaf the customer can count on all products being of the highest quality. An extensive quality management which includes all company parties ensures that the quality at Schaaf is systematically planed, manufactured and checked.

Schaaf GmbH & Co KG is specialized in the development and manufacturing of:
- Bolt Tensioners
- Hydraulic nuts
- MSN Multiple Stud Nuts
- ExpaTen bolts
- ExpaTen 2
- GripLoc – connection for shafts and axles
- ExpaHub
- Oil press fits
- Hydraulic high-pressure pumps
- Hydraulic high-pressure accessory
- Control and automatic control systems
- MDS Mounting Documentation System
- TTG Tensioned Thread Geometry
- TSI Tool Service Indicator / TMS Tool Management System