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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
13 - 14/02/2019

SORB XT & Dulimex AG

SORB XT & Dulimex AG


47877 Willich

SORB XT: fast - safe - efficient!

SORB XT is an organic natural fibre.

Within seconds it absorbs
• every kind of oil or oil-similar substances,
• lubricants
• emulsions
• coolants
• fuels
• brake-fluids, anti-freezers, de-icing-agents
• many chemicals
• coatings and paints
• primers and resins
• fungicids
• polymers & polymer-emulsions
• extinguishing foams
• and more...

SORB XT works on water and land!

After application SORB XT is a guarantor for work-safety and prevention of accidents because of a certified grip of the ground of 97%!

Deliverable also in pipes and pillows.
High-quality complementary products like Drain Cover Ring, Drain Cover Mat, Rail Mat and more...