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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
13 - 14/02/2019

Kubo Gruppe

Kubo Gruppe


8307 Effretikon

Kubo - That's your fast, flexible and innovative service and technology partner in the seals, gaskets, springs, protective coverings, couplings and moulded rubber parts industry. With our service readiness and our love for technology we clearly stand off the crowd.

Specific requirements and highest demands are our motivation to develop new and exciting solutions.


Product news


    Kubo ergänzt und erneuert laufend ihren Maschinenpark. Die neueste Anschaffung ist eine Gummi-Spritzgiessmaschine vom Typ REP V510Y10 von der Firma REP International, als Ersatz einer bestehenden Anlage, um Gummiformteile weiter in konstanter Qualität und noch effizienter produzieren zu können.

    Die neue Maschine weist 3000 KN (300 t) Schliesskraft, ein bewährtes Y-Spritzaggregat mit bis zu 1 l Einspritzvolumen sowie diverse Features zur Verbesserung der Arbeitsergonomie und -sicherheit der Bedienenden auf.


    Zuverlässigkeit in der Produktion durch geringeres Ausfallrisiko, dadurch besserer Lieferservice
    kürzere Durchlaufzeiten, dadurch kürzere Lieferzeiten
    höhere Flexibilität in der Produktionsplanung, dadurch zuverlässigere Terminbestätigungen
    gleichmässige Qualität, geringere Toleranzen
    Umsetzung komplexerer Produkte durch mehr technische Möglichkeiten
    Diese neue Maschine ist zugleich auch ein klares Bekenntnis zum Produktionsstandort Schweiz.

  • Kubo takes over the Hutchinson sealing technology products

    Kubo takes over the distribution of the sealing technology products from Hutchinson (Suisse) SA.

    Hutchinson is a global leader in vibration control, fluid management and sealing technologies.
    Hutchinson's products fit in perfectly in our product range.

  • Stronger Customer Orientation and Reliable Quality with Kubo Lean

    LEAN Management is one element in the strategy of the Kubo Group aiming to remain competitive and attractive in the market with a production site in Switzerland.

    Based on our high quality level, the goals of Lean Management at Kubo are as follows:
    Highest possible delivery reliability
    Lowest possible lead times
    Competitive costs

    In the Kubo Group we have now working with the implementation of the Lean principles for more than one year in the areas Production, Logistics and Quality Management, according to our motto «Kubo Lean simply faster».

    Lean is an attitude which can only work if staff on every level of the organisation are involved. Thus, the 6 basic elements have been defined together with the management teams:
    5S Visual Management – defines the standards at the workplace and reduces searching times
    Competence/Knowledge Matrix – determines the skills of the employee and develops them
    CIP-projects – is he structured management of problems which leads to concrete improvements
    Scoreboard – shows the actual performance and the targets to all people involved
    Safety and Environment at work – focusses on near misses and reduces risks
    Shopfloor Management – is he daily communication platform for the management of the processes and addresses the topics directly to the right person

    After the first year and more than 150 single measures aimed to eliminate losses, we can draw a positive balance:
    The teams mainly live up actively to LEAN Management and see the potential
    The implemented procedures are applied
    The results show considerable improvements in delivery reliability and lead times

    We carry on. Our goal is to improve constantly, to respond even more effectively to our customers’ needs and to deliver you the best possible service.


  • Marking of Elastomere Parts

    It happens very frequently that customers wish a marking on their moulded rubber parts, for instance a company logo, an article or batch number, a date stamp or a warning sign. What is a daily routine on thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, is not so easily feasible on elastomers because of efflorescences and elasticity exigences.

    Marking on elastomers such as for instance NBR, EPDM, FPM, are very demanding because they have to meet many criteria: elastic dye, resistance against efflorescences, consistency in the colour and longevity, just to name a few.

    Kubo Form has developed a special procedure, by which the dyes are produced according to special dye-mixing requirements and formulations. Thus, the specific requirements for the marking of elastomer parts can be met in a very satisfactory way. Kubo therefore is one of the very few suppliers on the market able to offer any kind of marking on elastomers. Thanks to the special pre-treatment of the elastomer and the post-treatment of the applied dye there are no more limits to design, shape and type of marking. As an example, illustrating the marking on different roughnesses of surfaces we have printed our logo on our sample mats for eroded structures (cf. Image). This kind of sample mat is designed to show our customers the possible eroded structures for a visible moulded rubber part or single visible surfaces.

    Do you wish a sample mat of your required elastomer with a sample marking? We are happy to produce one for you. Contact Kevin Schudel, Project Manager Technology at Kubo Form AG, T +41 52 354 29 55 or Kevin.Schudel@Kubo.ch. He will be pleased to advise you in all technical questions concerning moulded rubber parts and their marking.


  • Kubo Membrane – CODAN ARGUS AG

    CODAN ARGUS AG in Baar, a global key player in infustion technology, has commissioned Kubo Form AG in Effretikon, Switzerland, with the new development and production of the peristaltic membrane in their volumentric infusion pump.

    The NBR membrane delivered so far didn't match the required lifetime any more. Moreover, the resistance against the detergents and cleaning procedures of the new generation was insufficient. According to the new specifications, Kubo has evaluated and developped a totally new compound. As a consequence, a totally ne production process had to be defined at Kubo. On top, the new membrane had to fulfill tighter tolerances (Norm DIN/ISO 3302-1 M1), which resulted in the need to also develop a new tooling concept.

    The two development teams at Kubo and CODAN ARGUS worked closely together and were able to satisfy the very high expectations and to bring the project to a successful ending.


  • New Express Service: Machined Hydraulic And Pneumatic Seals

    Fast – precise - customized

    Delivery time: small quantities in our standard materials are ready for pick-up or dispatch within a few hours. Up to outer diameter 380 mm, bigger sizes upon request.

    Available materials: PUR, NBR, EPDM, FPM, silicone, PTFE, PEEK from stock, other elastomers and thermoplasts available on request.

    Authorisations: some materials are approved for medical and food applications: FDA, USP Class VI, EN 1935/2004, 3A Sanitary, KTW, DVGW.

    Requirements: in most cases, the fitting dimensions, the required type and the material are sufficient – we take care of the rest. In case of sensible applications please consult our technical team. We design your tailor-made sealing system.

    Verkauf1@kubo.ch or T +41 52 354 18 18


  • If it's Swiss, make it .swiss

    «The Federal Government wants to support companies that invest and create jobs in Switzerland. With .swiss, these companies will now have the opportunity to position themselves optimally in relation to the international competition.»

    Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard

    Kubo is a Swiss Company and fulfils these criteria. With our products and services you get best Swiss quality.