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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
13 - 14/02/2019

Air Quality AG

Air Quality AG


5600 Lenzburg

Needs, easy to fulfill.

The Air Quality AG operates in the field of ventilation and air conditioning industry. Our core business includes the specialized cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning evaporator. From the outside air channel on the monoblock to the exhaust air channel we efficient, clean and clean as required. The ambient air analysis, hygiene control and hygiene inspection by SWKI 104-01 / 02 complement our offer.

Why Air Quality?

We offer not only services, we offer a value attitude. Selected professionals, carefully trained, shaped by our values​​, to pull together a guiding star. Market-oriented trade, fair prices and impeccable quality. An outstanding service leads to a strong cooperation. We want to add value for all parties. Because this is real sustainability. You know where you want? We can go together.

What means "have something more in mind"?

Characterized by a tangible dream, we develop clear goals.
Dynamism and innovation are qualities which bring us with hyperopia. A gift that allowed us to focus and strengthen it the best of everything.

We know where we want.