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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
13 - 14/02/2019

Alfred Imhof AG

Alfred Imhof AG


4142 Münchenstein

Quality - for your satisfaction

We place high standards on ourselves to always deliver the best quality. We only market and release products and services that meet our demands. But that is not enough. Our standards undergo regular monitoring. Annually. Independently. Certified.

Industry know-how - for your confidence

Every industry is different and has its own requirements in terms of drive technology and services. Only by knowing these requirements can we offer the best possible advice and solutions. We are aware of this and have built up knowledge within our company that covers different branches of industry. It is in this way that our customers have industry experts to hand to offer them advice. Our success shows we are on the right track: a number of customers trust our expertise and regularly choose us as their "preferred supplier".

Services - a rapid response for you

Is quick collection and delivery of drive components important to you? Is it important to you that service employees can offer you support to ensure smooth installation and removal? Do you appreciate having tools that help you in terms of product selection and design and that support you throughout the product life cycle of your system. All of these things are important to us. It is for this reason that we offer our customers services that help them become faster and more efficient.


Product news

  • MOVITRAC® LTP-B standard inverter with high degree of protection

    Introducing MOVITRAC® LTP-B, the all-rounder for specialist field applications. Dusty and damp ambient conditions are no problem for our frequency inverter with high degree of protection.
    Do you need a frequency inverter for your drive solutions that can be installed outside the control cabinet? One that is also easy to operate and can handle open-loop speed control of synchronous and asynchronous motors in power ranges up to 160 kW, even without an encoder? Then you should check out the functionality of our all-rounder in the field: the MOVITRAC® LTP-B in IP55/NEMA 12k. It also offers a guaranteed overload capacity of 175%.

    Thanks to the STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function and the integrated EMC filter, you can design your application to be not only compact and safe, but economic and efficient, too. Save time during startup and service with the clearly legible full text display.

    The large MOVITRAC® LTP-B frequency inverter family is also available in degree of protection IP20 up to a power rating of 15 kW for control cabinet installation.


  • MOVISAFE®: Modular safety

    Modular safety technology provides for the straightforward integration of safe drive technology into existing systems with PROFIsafe communication. The UCS..B modules ensure targeted modular safety for your inverter.

    The legislator accepts no compromises for drive safety. All systems must be operated so that risks are minimized. Functional safety must be the top priority. Our safety and logic modules are designed to perform precisely these tasks. They are ideal for operating any new or existing system. The modules are designed to allow them to safely monitor up to 2 axes, or up to 12 axes for multi-axis modules, thanks to the integrated axis monitoring functionality.

    Our efficient safety and logic modules provide a range of diverse application options as a result of their integrated protection functions. They are designed for easy installation into any control cabinet.

    We provide compact modules with up to 2 axes and multi-axis modules with up to 12 axes for maximum safety in your system:

    - UCS10B safety module
    - UCS10B/PS safety module: PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS DP/PROFINET IO
    - UCS11B safety module
    - UCS11B/PS safety module: PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS DP/PROFINET IO
    - UCS12B safety module
    - UCS12B/PS safety module: PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS DP/PROFINET IO
    - UCS26B communication module for optional PROFIBUS DP communication
    - UCS27B communication module for optional PROFINET IO communication


  • DRC.. electronic motor

    The DRC.. electronic motor expands our portfolio of mechatronic drive systems for decentralized applications and offers you a highly efficient solution with maximum flexibility for tasks that extend well beyond conventional materials handling drive tasks.
    The compact design of our DRC.. electronic motor combines integrated electronics with a permanent-field synchronous motor to offer the ideal solution for decentralized applications where maximum gear unit flexibility is a must. When coupled with a highly efficient helical, helical-bevel, or parallel-shaft helical gear unit or used as a stand-alone motor, the DRC.. electronic motor is a high-performance, decentralized drive unit. The DRC.. electronic motor comes in the same communication variants as MOVIGEAR®, and is available in four sizes with power ratings from 0.55 kW to 4 kW. This enables the achievement of continuous torques of 2.6 Nm or 19.1 Nm.

    These features and the seamlessly integrated components make the DRC.. electronic motor an intelligent mechatronic drive system that offers high levels of reliability and endurance. This guarantees high system availability and ensures maximum operational reliability.

    Its practical flexibility, high energy efficiency, and exceptional performance make the DRC.. electronic motor a cost-effective, forward-looking solution that is perfect for your needs.


Job ads

  • Technischer Kaufmann / Technische Kauffrau Kundendienst 100%

    Wir sind das führende Schweizer Unternehmen für die Planung, Realisation und Wartung elektromechanischer Antriebssysteme. Unsere Kunden setzen diese in ihren Anlagen weltweit zur besten Zufriedenheit ein. Dieser Erfolg beruht – neben der erstklassigen Qualität unserer Produkte – auf der Leistung aller unserer Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter.

    Zur Verstärkung unseres Kundendienst-Teams suchen wir per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung eine(n)

    Technischen Kaufmann Kundendienst 100% / Technische Kauffrau Kundendienst 100%