Poken - Touch & Collect

MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
07 - 08/02/2018

Turn your stand visitors into highly qualified leads!

We are delighted to be able to offer our exhibitors and visitors access to our new smart badge technology!

All visitors will receive a ‘Smart Badge’, which they will be able to use to touch the badge reader on your stand to receive information about your company. You will then be sent the details of the visitors who have scanned the reader!

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Smart Badge My Easyfairs

Possibility of making contact, even at a busy stand.

Alexandre Riguet

Exhibitor Transport & Logistics Antwerp, Belgium

Easily accessible for visitors & a low threshold.

Erik Van Buren

Exhibitor Transport & Logistics Antwerp, Belgium

Great system to track and measure our impact.

Paola Pilar Del santos

Exhibitor Futurizz Madrid, Spain

How does it work?

EasyGo Smart Badges 2017 Reader
  • Each exhibitor receives a badge reader and sticker to place on their stand.

  • The reader is a wireless sensor placed on your stand that delivers the digital product and company information you uploaded to My Easyfairs.

  • When visitors touch the reader with their badge, they collect all the information about your company from your profile. This information will be sent to them in a visit summary email at the end of day.

  • In return, you get the visitor data of everyone who touched your reader with their badge. You will receive the list at the end of the event by email.

What are the benefits for me as an exhibitor?

  • Distribute your company information easily and widely
    Visitors can easily get your company and product information just by touching the reader with their badge. They will receive this information by email. Even visitors you didn't speak to may have collected some information on your stand.

  • Reduce costs and waste
    If you provide some of your company and product information in digital format, you'll need fewer hardcopy brochures, catalogues and other materials, saving you some printing and transport costs. Plus, visitors don't have to carry heavy documents around the event, so there's less risk they'll "lose" it.

  • Provide an engaging experience to your visitors
    Visitors who touch your reader with their badge at your stand get your information in a digital format, which makes it easy for them to share with colleagues and friends via email or social media.

  • More contacts and opportunities
    You can scan visitor badges with the Visit Connect App, but also suggest that they touch the reader with their badge to collect your digital marketing documents and company information. And you'll get a listing of all the visitors who do so! (only GoLeads and GoPlus)

  • Simplify the post-event follow-up
    You'll get an electronic listing of everyone who collected your info. No more time-consuming import of business cards or contact forms.

What do I need to do before the event?

Smart Badge EasyGo Easyfairs

Ensure your profile on your My Easyfairs account is fully updated, with your company profile, product information, and any information you would like visitors to see about your company.

What do I need to do at the event?

EasyGO Smart Badges 2017
  1.  Come to the Organisers’ Office / Business Point
     to pick up your ready-to-use badge reader on the build-up day.

  2.  Determine the best spot
     to place the reader: it should be easy for your visitors to access (very visible, neither too high
     nor too low, reachable from outside your booth). We’re happy to help you!

  3.  Apply the green sticker onto the wall
     or counter where you’d like to place the reader.

  4.  Remove the backing from the adhesive pad
     on the back of the reader and attach it to the green sticker. You are welcome to use your own
     removable adhesive.

  5.  Encourage visitors to scan their badge
     on the reader when they visit your stand; the light will glow green when a successful touch is
     made. There is no need to charge the reader throughout the event.
     NB: If you experience any issues with your reader at the event, contact the Poken support
     team onsite at the Organisers’ Office / Business Point during build-up and event days.

  6.  Return the reader at the Organiser's Office / Business Point
     at the end of the last day of the event.

  7.  If you have GoLeads or GoPlus,
     you get the data of everyone who touched your reader(s) with their badge. Just log in to My
     Easyfairs to download the list.
     Only GoVisibility?
    Visitors were able to collect your information when touching your
     reader(s) but you need to upgrade to GoPlus to get their data.

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