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STB Engineering

STB Engineering


15345 Eggersdorf

STB GmbH is a skilled and dynamical company which turned during the past years into a global and innovative partner in the field of mechanical seals and mechanical seal support systems (www.stb-mechanical-seal.com).
Designed and manufactured in the Germany based production facility, we aim to develop the best solutions for our customers. Therefore quality has the main focus while keeping our lead times at such an exceptional level that we´re able to solve almost every upcoming issue. Our state of the art CNC production center, our extensive investment in quality assurance, with excellent CNC coordinate measuring machines, is the clear evidence in our promise and philosophy towards our customers. The downstream sector is in need of reliable equipment, available 24/7, that is why we developed mechanical seals and support systems in the past years which are designed to offer highest reliability on site. Machinery that is expected to run over long periods needs to be monitored constantly. Therefore STB offers special solutions, such as the mechanical seal support system NSE 54 which allows you as plant operator to monitor your mechanical seals during operation, live. Machined on the most modern 5 axis CNC machines we are able to generate very short lead times and highest standards of quality.