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Messe Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
20 - 21/02/2019

NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme

NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme

R 02-6

84478 Waldkraiburg

For more than 60 years, NETZSCH has manufactured positive displacement pumps worldwide. Designed specifically for difficult pumping situations, NETZSCH pumps range in size from the industry’s smallest metering pumps to high volume pumps for applications in the oil and gas or mining industries.

With a production of over 55,000 pumps per year NETZSCH underlines the technology and market leadership, which it has gained thanks to the quality of the pumps and spare parts. It is guaranteed by the core competence and vertical manufacturing which we have built up over the many decades. With the worldwide implementation of common standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 in development and research the company guarantees the highest quality at each of the five production sites.

NETZSCH has been supplying worldwide NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, NOTOS multi screw pumps, macerators/grinders, dosing technology and equipment for custom built and challenging solutions for every applications.


Product news

  • NETZSCH – Founding member of Star Pump Alliance

    The Star Pump Alliance has set itself the goal to assist professional users of pumps in selecting pump technologies tailored to fit their specific applications. When searching for application-specific, mostly individual information about pump technologies, professional pump users are often dissatisfied with the results produced by commonly available search engines, since these fail to meet the requirements of industrial applications.

    Star Pump Alliance offers the solution to fill this gap. The portal www.starpumpalliance.com offers extensive information about segments of industry, specific applications and technologies as well as many useful tools for the individual selection of pumps and – this is unique – a digital technology selector with access to the product portfolios of different brands. This selector proposes to website visitors one or several suitable pump technologies for each specific application on the basis of the application characteristics the users have entered. Specific pump technologies are recommended according to verifiable technical criteria, and users can continuously observe the effect of their data entries on narrowing down the search result in the selector. On the basis of this result, they can subsequently contact the most suitable supplier directly. This saves them a lot of time and expense in the selection process.

    The portal is backed by numerous well-known pump manufacturers, such as NETZSCH, market and technology leaders with many decades of expertise, whose common goal it is to make a complex process for pump users much easier. The members of the Star Pump Alliance will get in touch with the user directly, as soon as he has sent in his enquiry.


  • New xLC® stator adjustment system may increase the life time of the pump by up to three times

    The progressing cavity pump belongs to the group of rotary positive displacement pumps. It is used in almost all industry sectors for conveyance and dosing of various media. Preferably, media with or without solids having low to very high viscosities conveys. However, it is also suitable for conveying aggressive media, such as the ones used in papermaking, wastewater treatment or brewery.
    To further increase the service life of NEMO® progressing cavity pumps in these applications, NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH has developed a special xLC® unit based on the easy-to-replace and easy-to-maintain iFD® stator 2.0 for readjusting the pumps. If the seal between the conveying elements rotor and stator fails due to wear, compressing the elastomer can easily and quickly restore the pre-tensioning, and with it the pump performance. Moreover, an integrated display provides information about the readjustment status of the stator and when a stator change is impend at all times. Thus the tool ensures more operational and planning safety. The xLC® system can also be combined, for example, with joints and seals as well as special wear coatings for rotors. Retrofitting older pumps is also possible without any problems. For this, a conversion kit is offered for the available pump sizes.